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Helium One has focused its' initial effort on the Rukwa project, and based on high-grade surface seeps, seismic data, and a well drilled last year, a working helium system has been confirmed.
Zinc8 Energy Solutions has a unique patented long term energy storage system that the company believes will provide a safe and cost-effective storage solution for durations of over six hours.
If you can identify the winners in their early stage, they you can be successful. However, that requires ignoring the hype and recognizing the swindlers, and sticking to the basics of investing like identifying companies with good leadership who have a record of success.
While Talon Metals has taken several years to get to this point, they have accomplished a lot in terms of evaluating their holdings and bringing on partners to help develop the play and ultimately purchase the nickel that is produced.
Currently responsible for more than 145 Gigawatts of electricity from turbines in 85 countries, in addition to 1.5 billion Tons of CO2 not being emitted, Vestas is already having a positive impact on Climate and contribution to sustainable electricity production.
There are few better places to search for gold than Canada’s Red Lake Mining District. This gold-producing region in western Ontario, about 250 km (155mi) northeast of Winnipeg, is most well known for its Evolution Red Lake mine in Balmertown.
Texas Mineral Resources Corp. (OTC: TMRC) is engaged in the acquisition, exploration and development of mineral properties located primarily in Hudspeth County, Texas.
Solar Integrated Roofing Corporation (OTCPINK: SIRC) is growing its way to becoming a significant player in the solar power, roofing and EV charging industries. A very aggressive strategy of growth by acquiring established companies throughout the U.S. has resulted in significant revenue and profita
With projections of thousands of ounces of gold seeming to become a reality and limited investor awareness, some investors believe that Gold Mountain stock has hit a bottom and can see high share price growth as investors jump in just as the company starts major production.
Relief, along with Acer Therapeutics, was excited to announce recently that ACER-001 was granted orphan medicinal product designation by the European Commission.
Oil and Gas sector investors have watched with interest over the past two years as Recon Africa discovered and began exploring what could be the last large onshore oil discovery.
Neptune Digital Assets Corp (OTC: NPPTF, TSXV: NDA) is engaged in bitcoin mining, staking, and decentralized finance projects such as smart contract lending and borrowing, yield farming, and liquidity mining.
While Magnis Energy has its hand in multiple projects and partnerships that could prove fruitful in the future, it is hard to clearly see a path to revenue and growth
The world has seen a major shift towards green energy production, use and storage as governments and industry attempt to reduce CO2 emissions as a matter of policy and business needs. One company that has been gaining traction in the green space is Graphene Manufacturing Group (TSXV: GMG, OTC: GMGMF)
Nintendo is not quite a Sony or a Microsoft, but it has a lot going for it. Its large pile of cash and low debt make it a relatively safe bet, while the company’s anticipated expansion into films and theme parks, alongside its impressive IP portfolio, may provide a valuation boost in coming years.
New and innovative companies come on the market every day, but that doesn’t mean they are a great investment. One over-the-counter stock that has shown potential is Cresco Labs Inc, which focuses on product innovation in the cannabis industry.
The American Battery Technology Company (ABTC), formerly American Battery Metals, is a company hoping to become a major player in lithium-ion battery recycling. The company intends to do so by building a closed-loop battery recycling plant in Nevada that will recycle batteries from consumer products
Else Nutrition (TSX: BABY, OTCQX: BABYF) is a manufacturer of baby food and hopes to establish itself as the gold standard of sustainable plant-based nutrition for infants. The company holds a worldwide patent for plant based, non-dairy and soy free baby formula.
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Patriot Battery Metals Inc. (OTC: PMETF stock) is a Canadian company engaged in identifying, acquiring, and exploring mineral properties, with a primary focus on gold, copper, silver, platinum, and lithium deposits, and its flagship project is the Corvette-FCI project located in Quebec.
February 6, 2024:
VPRB - VPR Brands LP
VPR Brands, LP is a company based in Sunrise, Florida, operating in the electronic cigarette, electronic cigar, personal vaporizer, and pocket lighter industry in the United States, offering a diverse range of products under various brands, including DISSIM, HoneyStick, Goldline, and KRAVE.
February 4, 2024:
PRKR - Parkervision Inc
Parkervision Inc ( OTC: PRKR stock ) is a technology company that designs, develops, and markets wireless technologies for the purpose of addressing the needs of wireless communication markets.
February 1, 2024:
GLUC - Glucose Health Inc
Glucose Health Inc ( OTC: GLUC stock ) is a company that offers a line of nutritional products and supplements designed to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels for people with diabetes and other health conditions.
January 28, 2024:
TGLDF - Renegade Gold Inc
Trillium Gold Mines Inc ( OTC: TGLDF stock ) is a Canadian mineral exploration company focused on the acquisition, exploration, and development of gold properties in Canada.
Helium One Global Ltd ( OTC: HLOGF stock ) is a UK-based exploration and development company focused on the discovery of world-class helium resources in Tanzania.
Victory Square Technologies Inc. is a Vancouver-based private equity and venture capital firm specializing in incubating, acquiring, and investing in startups and early-stage companies across various technology sectors, including blockchain, digital health, web3, metaverse, machine learning, esports, and more.
Fission Uranium Corp ( OTC: FCUUF stock ) is a Canadian-based uranium exploration and development company that owns the Patterson Lake South uranium project, located in Canada's Athabasca Basin, which is one of the world's largest and highest-grade uranium projects.
Solar Integrated Roofing Corporation ( OTC: SIRC stock ) is a company engaged in providing integrated solar and roofing solutions for residential and commercial customers.
FansUnite Entertainment ( OTC: FUNFF stock ) is a technology company that provides an online betting platform for sports and esports, as well as white label solutions for other gaming companies, with a focus on providing a secure and innovative betting experience.
January 15, 2024:
EEMMF - E3 Lithium Ltd
E3 Lithium Ltd ( OTC: EEMMF stock ) is a mineral exploration company focused on developing lithium resources in Alberta, Canada using a proprietary extraction technology.
Conservative Broadcast Media & Journalism, Inc. ( OTC: CBMJ stock ) is a media company that focuses on creating and distributing conservative news, radio, and digital content.
January 14, 2024:
APYP - AppYea Inc
AppYea, Inc. ( OTC: APYP stock ) is a mobile app development company that creates and distributes apps for iOS and Android platforms, as well as web and desktop applications.
Vision Lithium Inc ( OTC: ABEPF stock) is a Canadian exploration company focused on the acquisition and development of lithium assets in North America.
Manganese X Energy Corp ( OTC: MNXXF stock ) is a Canadian resource company focused on the exploration and development of high-grade manganese deposits, with the goal of producing and selling high-purity manganese products for use in various industries.
Lithium South Development Corporation ( OTC: LISMF stock ) is a lithium exploration and development company with a focus on advancing the Hombre Muerto North Lithium Project in Argentina.
Gold Mountain Mining Corp ( OTC: GMTNF stock ) is a Canadian gold exploration and development company that focuses on acquiring and advancing high-quality gold projects in British Columbia, with a focus on the Elk Gold Project.
Zion Oil & Gas Inc ( OTC: ZNOG stock ) is an American oil and gas exploration company that operates in Israel, focused on the development of onshore oil and gas fields in the Megiddo-Jezreel Valley.
January 10, 2024:
AXXA - Exxe Group Inc
Exxe Group Inc ( OTC: AXXA stock ) is a diversified company focused on investing in, acquiring, and growing businesses across a range of industries, including real estate, technology, media, and financial services.
January 10, 2024:
HPQFF - HPQ Silicon Inc
HPQ Silicon Inc. ( OTC: HPQFF stock ) is a Canadian company that specializes in the research, development, and manufacture of silicon-based materials for electronic components.
January 8, 2024:
ZPTAF - Surge Energy Inc
Surge Energy Inc ( OTC: ZPTAF stock ) is a Canadian oil and gas company engaged in the exploration, development, and production of crude oil and natural gas reserves primarily in Western Canada.
Zinc8 Energy Solutions Inc ( OTC: ZAIRF stock ) is a Canadian company that develops and commercializes zinc-air energy storage systems for industrial, commercial, and residential applications.
Zalemark Holding Co Inc ( OTC: ZMRK stock ) is an American company that designs, manufactures, and markets jewelry and luxury goods, using blockchain technology to ensure transparency and authenticity of the products.
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If you trade OTC stocks you may have noticed that many of them have five-character symbols. Most likely, you will see an 'F' or 'Y' at the end, as these are the two most common of the fifth characters. There are many other letters that may appear and those letters each have a special meaning.
With each penny stock investment, whether it turns out good or bad, you can learn a lot. Applying those learnings to future decisions can make you a successful micro-cap investor.
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Tencent Holdings Limited ( OTC: TCEHY stock ) is a Chinese multinational conglomerate that provides internet-related services and products, including social media, online advertising, gaming, payment systems, and more.
December 1, 2023:
GSCCF - ioneer Ltd
ioneer Ltd is an Australian mining company focused on exploring and developing mineral properties in North America, with its flagship project being the Rhyolite Ridge lithium-boron project located in Nevada, USA.
Invictus Energy Limited is an independent upstream oil and gas company that specializes in the exploration and appraisal of the Cabora Bassa project in the Cabora Bassa Basin, northern Zimbabwe.
November 29, 2023:
GLPGF - Galapagos NV
Galapagos NV is a Belgian biotechnology company focused on discovering, developing, and commercializing innovative medicines to address high unmet medical needs in various therapeutic areas.
November 29, 2023:
PURE - PURE Bioscience Inc
PURE Bioscience, Inc. is a California-based company that develops and commercializes antimicrobial products, particularly silver dihydrogen citrate (SDC), to address health and environmental challenges related to pathogen and hygienic control.
Manulife Financial Corporation is a global financial services company offering a wide range of products and services, including life insurance, wealth management, retirement solutions, and investment management, operating in multiple countries across the world.
November 28, 2023:
GAYMF - Galway Metals Inc
Galway Metals Inc. is a Canadian mineral exploration company focused on acquiring, exploring, and developing precious and base metal resource properties, with a primary emphasis on gold, zinc, copper, silver, and lead deposits in Canada.
Pyxus International, Inc. is an agricultural company with a rich history in the tobacco industry, offering value-added products and services to businesses and customers globally.
Psyched Wellness Ltd. is a Canadian health supplements company specializing in producing and distributing mushroom-derived products and consumer packaged goods designed to promote stress relief, relaxation, and restful sleeping.
Greenlane Renewables Inc. is a Canadian company specializing in biogas upgrading systems that remove impurities and separate carbon dioxide from raw biogas, making it suitable for injection into the natural gas grid or as clean vehicle fuel worldwide.
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