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Frank Lee[edit]

Sooo tired of all the forums full of wannabe manipulators, trolls, jerks and people who think they are so smart (but are actually idiots). Due diligence for OTC stocks is difficult, particularly for newer issues and thinly traded stocks. I am really hoping that this site becomes more well known, since it is a brilliant idea. There is nothing else like it in the investing world and I know because I have search the web for years. Yahoo, stocktwits, Ihub and all the others literally have the same handful of posters on each board. Sometimes they even have the same screen names. Even when they don't you can still tell who they are by the style of writing and the redundancy in their messages. It is always the same pumping or bashing on every single forum. They harp on the same distorted facts over and over. It really drives me crazy. So that is my rant for today. I hope you don't think I am as depressed as I sound. I am really not that bad. Maybe tomorrow I will feel differently and add to or even delete what I have written today. Time will tell if I change my mind, and id my stocks do well!