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OTC Symbol: GSCCF | OTC Tier: Pink Current


ioneer Ltd is a North Sydney, Australia-based company that searches for and develops mineral properties in North America, with its primary focus on the Rhyolite Ridge lithium-boron project situated in Nevada, USA, which was previously known as Global Geoscience Limited before rebranding in November 2018.[1]


ioneer Ltd, an Australian mining company, was incorporated in 2001. Its origins can be traced back to its predecessor, Global Geoscience Limited, which was founded around that time. Initially, the company's focus was on exploring and developing mineral properties across different regions.[2]

In its early years, Global Geoscience Limited engaged in various mineral exploration projects in different parts of the world. However, it later shifted its focus to North America, specifically to the state of Nevada in the United States, where it identified a significant opportunity in the lithium and boron mining sector. The turning point for the company came when it acquired the Rhyolite Ridge lithium-boron project, located in Nevada. This flagship project proved to be a major asset for the company and set the direction for its future growth and success.[3]

As the company's focus shifted towards the Rhyolite Ridge project, it underwent a rebranding process in November 2018, changing its name from Global Geoscience Limited to ioneer Ltd. This rebranding marked a new chapter in the company's history, emphasizing its commitment to its core project and the potential it held in the lithium and boron market.[3]

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