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About Oncotelic[edit]

Oncotelic Therapeutics, Inc (OTC:OTLC) is a pre-revenue stage pharmaceutical development company based in Agoura Hills, CA. The company is in the process of developing treatments for rare and orphan diseases and conditions. Currently, treatment development is in progress for COVID-19, Parkinson’s Disease, DIPG, and PDAC.[1]

Development Pipeline[edit]


This treatment is derived from the plant Artemisia, which has shown to be effective at safely inhibiting the the COVID-19 virus from multiplying. Artemisinin derivatives are used to treat malaria. More Information.[2]


OT-101 is a treatment for both adult and pediatric brain tumors. Oncotelic submitted a clinical study protocol to the United States Food and Drug Administration in November, 2022, for the initiation of “G101”, which is a Phase 1 Trial for OT-101. OT-101 is a treatment for patients with recurrent or relapsed DMG. DMG in children is a very aggressive brain tumor with an expected survival rate of less than one year following radiation therapy.[3]


CA4P is a vascular disrupting agent proposed for use in combination with Ipilimumab to treat solid tumors, particularly adult and pediatric melanoma. In May, 2020, Oncotelic received Rare Pediatric Disease Designation for CA4P from the FDA.[2]


Oxi4503 is a treatment forf liquid tumors, particularly those associated with childhood leukemia. The FDA has granted the company’s request to designate OXi4503 for treatment of myeloid leukemia.[2]


AL-101 is a treatment for Parkinson Disease via intranasal delivery of Apomorphine.[2]


Key leaders[4]

Vuong Trieu, PhD. – CEO and Chairman[edit]

Served as President and CEO of Abraxane  developer Igdrasol, Board Director of Cenomed, Director of Pharmacology, Pharmacokinetics, and Biology at Abraxis

Led development in albumin encapsulated therapeutics,  CNS drugs, and a platform for platform for small molecules, mirRNA, kinases.

A member of many professional organizations, including ENDO, ASCO and AACR

Amit Shah - CFO[edit]

Served as Chief Financial Officer at publicly traded biotechnology company Marina Biotech, Inc.; Vice President of Finance & Accounting and Acting CFO at Insightra Medical Inc.; VP Finance and Acting Chief Financial Officer at IgDraSol Inc.; Corporate Controller & Director of Finance at ISTA Pharmaceuticals; Controller at Spectrum Pharmaceuticals; Chief Financial Officer at management consulting firm Eagle Business Performance Services.

Anthony Maida, Ph.D., MA, MBA, BA, BA – Chief Clinical Officer[edit]

Current focus is on immunotherapy of cancers and infectious disease.  

Served as Senior Vice President – Clinical Research for Northwest Biotherapeutics, Inc. with responsibility for operations oversight; Vice President of Clinical Research and General Manager, Oncology at PharmaNet, Inc.; Chairman and Director of BioConsul Drug Development Corporation

Negotiated licensing agreements with top tier pharmaceutical firms including Astra Zeneca, Eli Lilly, RCT Corporation, Pfizer, MD Anderson, Novartis, Yale University, and Stanford University,

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