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The OTC Wiki Editor[edit]

OTC Wiki uses Mediawiki open source software, the same software that powers Wikipedia. A wiki is a collection of information provided by users. The information must be factual, therefore, citations are required. All text must be original (you cannot copy/paste) but you can paraphrase the original text.

Adding Content[edit]

Editing a wiki 1.png

To add content to a Wiki, simply click on the blue Wiki option in the menu on the stock page. Then click on Edit Wiki page. To find a stock page use the search bar to search for the ticker symbol or company name.

Editing a wiki 2.png

If a Wiki page has not been created for a stock, you will need to create one. When viewing a stock page, you will see menu options Wiki, Opinions, FAQs, and Links. Click on Wiki in the Menu, then click on Create Wiki page. To find a stock page use the search bar to search for the ticker symbol or company name.

Editing a wiki 3.png

You can just start typing, or insert a heading or sub-heading. Headings and sub-headings can be inserted later.

Editing a wiki 4.png

When you are done typing, click on 'Save page'. Remember, you should be adding citations (references) for all of the information that you add. See below for creating citations.

Creating Citations and Reference Lists[edit]

If you are creating a Wiki page, you must do step 1 first. If the Wiki page is already created then skip to step 2. You'll know if you are creating a Wiki page because you will see the 'Create Wiki page' link.

Step 1: Insert Reference List[edit]

If you have any trouble inserting a reference list, use the contact us link in the header to let us know. We will have another user clean it up.

Editing a wiki 5.png

Place your cursor below any text that has already been added. Click on Insert, More, References List and then Save Changes

Step 2: Create Citation[edit]

After you have written text, place your cursor immediately after the text and click on Cite and Basic. Then add the link name and the url. Click Insert and then Save Changes.

Editing a wiki 6.png


Opinions must be of reasonable quality and supported by publicly available information about the company. Bashing and pumping are not allowed in this section. You can post crap in the Comments section if you wish, but is that really the kind of person you want to be? And if you are too much of a jerk in the comments then you may be suspended or banned.

Opinions Editing 1.png

Click on Opinions in the menu, then click on 'Add Bull or Bear opinion'. If you have already posted an opinion you will be able to edit it. If you have not posted yet, then you can add your opinion and Outlook.


A form is provided for entering informaton on this page and requires a question and answer format.


A form is provided for entering links. All links must be directly related to the company.


We encourage everyone to engage in pleasant discourse about the companies in which they are interested. Spammers, trolls and jerks are not welcome. Anyone who gets out of control will be suspended.