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David Conway[edit]

Hello all, my name is David and I'd like to tell you a little about myself. I am a graduate of Boston University with a degree in International Finance. During my career I have worked for Trillum Asset Management and Goldman Sachs. My experience is primarily as an Investment Analyst, with some focused international work. I particularly enjoy working with international companies and learning about different business, political and cultural environments.

David Conway - Investment Analyst and Financial Writer
David Conway - Investment Analyst and Financial Writer

In addition to my studies and career, I enjoy writing, especially about investing and doing analyses of companies. That is what lead me to OTC Wiki and motivated me to become an editor. I hope that my contributions are interesting and informational. There are so many stocks to write about on the OTC that I have an endless supply, and sometimes it is hard to choose which one to do next. One great thing about the OTC is that there are companies from all over the world trading on this exchange, and (see above) I like the international aspect.

On the personal front, I have to admit that I spend far too much time playing video games. But I'm sure I'm not the only one with this character flaw. I also watch a lot of movies and series. It is hard to keep up with more than a couple of shows so I try to start another one until I have finished one.