DC Picks

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Here are my current speculative stock picks, with my average cost per share, the portion of my speculative portfolio in each stock, and my current gain or loss as of 6/26/22.

This is not investment advice. Do your own due diligence and make your own investment decisions. Investing in OTC stocks is very risky.
Symbol Name Avg Cost % of Port Gain/Loss Notes
RECAF ReconAfrica $1.21 39% 253% Drilling has probably started although waiting for company to confirm. Expect to see results in Q3 but could be Q4. I might sell a little in the $6 to $8 range.
GMGMF GMG $2.54 35% -13% Hoping to see Thermal-XR sales soon. Looking for activity on pouch pack batteries by year end. Huge upside for the stock if the batteries work.
HLOGF Helium One $0.16 15% -27% If they make a deal for a rig then price should go up a little. Successful drilling results in Q3/Q4 will be huge.
ZAIRF Zinc8 $0.22 9% -40% Hard to say when this stock might go up. Testing results with cloud services provider is probably the next catalyst. I'm limiting my investment in this company because I don't understand the technology and market for it well enough to go all in.
GMTNF Gold Mountain $0.40 2% -28% This stock has been hit hard by the market downturn but if their gold production projections 'pan' out then it could rise.