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Psyched Wellness Ltd. is a health supplements company based in Toronto, Canada, specializing in the production and distribution of mushroom-derived products and consumer packaged goods, including Amanita Muscaria-derived water-based extracts, teas, and capsules aimed at promoting stress relief, relaxation, and aiding restful sleeping, available for purchase online; the company was formerly known as Duncan Park Holdings Corporation before rebranding to Psyched Wellness Ltd. in July 2020, and it was incorporated in 2019.[1]


Psyched Wellness Ltd. However, based on the provided details was incorporated in 2019 and was previously known as Duncan Park Holdings Corporation. The company is a relatively new player in the health supplements industry, with a focus on producing and distributing mushroom-derived products and related consumer packaged goods in Canada. Their product line includes Amanita Muscaria-derived water-based extracts, teas, and capsules designed to promote stress relief, relaxation, and restful sleeping.[2]

In July 2020, the company underwent a name change from Duncan Park Holdings Corporation to Psyched Wellness Ltd. This name change suggests a strategic shift towards a focus on wellness products and may be related to the company's entry into the burgeoning psychedelics sector, where natural substances like mushrooms are gaining attention for their potential therapeutic applications.[2]
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