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Solar Integrated Roofing Corporation (OTC: SIRC) is a commercial and residential solar and roofing installation firm in San Marcos, California. The company was originally founded in Nevada on May 1, 2007, and was formerly known as Sterling Oil & Gas Company which served as an oil and gas development company. It then changed its name to Landstar Development Group on February 21, 2014, in connection with a shift in operations to manage and develop the company's real estate assets.[1]

The board of directors authorized a corporate name change to Solar Integrated Roofing Corp on November 9, 2015, in connection with the planned acquisition of a fully owned subsidiary, Secure Roofing and Solar, Inc., which was completed in February 2016. Since then, the company has been in the solar and roofing sales and installation business. SIRC emphasizes the acquisition of similar companies to expand its reach nationally. The company is working to establish itself as a national leader in solar energy by implementing a cost-effective and energy-efficient approach to solar and roofing needs. [1].


In January 2022, SIRC declared plans to purchase seven companies, having finalized binding Letters of Intent for the acquisitions. These expected additions will contribute around $78 million in yearly revenue. The intended companies for acquisition are:

  • Storm Ventures Group, a consultancy;
  • Standard Eco, a solar provider operating in five states;
  • Eco Management, a solar EPC provider in four states;
  • BVI Solar, a roofing and solar contractor based in California;
  • Bel Aire Construction and Development, a property development company;
  • Music City Roofing, a Tennessee-based roofer;
  • Heartland Constructors, an EPC and solar provider in west Texas.[2]

Tribeca Energy[edit]

SIRC signed a binding Letter of Commitment (LOC) with Tribeca Energy in May, 2023, which establishes the terms wherein SIRC agreed to sell specific shares in exchange for an investment from Tribeca Energy. As a result of this share exchange, Tribeca Energy will obtain full ownership of SIRC's shares and a majority of its board seats. Terms of the deal:

  1. Tribeca Energy plans to finalize a merger to be listed on the NYSE/Nasdaq by October 30, 2023. This is contingent upon the completion of all required documents and should happen within 12 months from the signing of this LOC.
  2. Until October 30, 2023, SIRC is restricted from collaborating with any third party in a manner that might alter the company's capital structure, unless they obtain prior written approval from Tribeca Energy.
  3. After finalizing the definitive agreements, Tribeca Energy will nominate the majority of the company's board members. However, if the anticipated merger does not materialize within 12 months, with a potential 6-month extension, each newly appointed director must step down.[3]


The leadership team in SIRC includes Troy Clymer as President and Chief Operating Officer, Brad Rinehart as Chief Executive Officer, and Wanda Witoslawski as Chief Financial Officer.[4]

Legal Issues[edit]

K. Hunter Ballew, Upward Holdings Group, LLC, and RoofCon, LLC[edit]

Solar Integrated Roofing Corp. resolved its ongoing legal issues with K. Hunter Ballew, Upward Holdings Group, LLC, and RoofCon, LLC, including related counterclaims made by Mr. Ballew against the firm. As part of the settlement agreement:

  • All parties involved will release any past and future claims against each other.
  • SIRC will transfer the ownership of Cornerstone Construction Team, LLC back to Mr. Ballew. In return, Mr. Ballew will give back 45 million common shares to SIRC.
  • The "Make Whole" clause from the original Stock Purchase Agreement will be waived.
  • Mr. Ballew has agreed to pay back $1,000,000 to SIRC, supported by a promissory note and his confession of judgment. However, Mr. Ballew will keep the cash amount of $3,000,000 from the Stock Purchase Agreement.

Once the 45 million common shares are received by the company, they plan to void them, which will lead to an 8.6% decrease in the total outstanding shares.[5]

Brian Milholland and Milholland Family Trust LP[edit]

Solar Integrated Roofing Corp. reached an amended settlement agreement with Brian Milholland and Milholland Family Trust LP. As per the updated terms, SIRC will fulfill its outstanding $7.0 million obligation to Milholland by issuing a total of 40 million common stock shares, making a payment of $1.6 million in four equal segments after a substantial capital influx into SIRC, and covering expenses.[6]

Pablo Diaz Curiel[edit]

Solar Integrated Roofing Corp. has resolved its legal disputes with Pablo Diaz Curiel and addressed potential counterclaims by Mr. Diaz against the firm. The settlement terms entail:

  • A comprehensive release of any past and future claims between the involved parties, stemming from the company's purchase of USA Solar Networks, LLC.
  • A waiver of the "Make Whole" clause from the initial Purchase and Sale Agreement.[7]

Financial Performance and Funding[edit]


A deal with Arbiter Capital in April 2022 was hoped to address the issue of convertible debt by providing $200 million in financing.[8] However, subsequent convertible debt has occurred.

The company obtained a $25.0 million drawdown term note from an institutional investor in February, 2023. According to the agreement's conditions, the note has a principal value of $25.0 million, a 6% interest rate, and a 5% original issue discount. The note can be converted into common stock at a set price of $4.00 per share, unless there's a default event. Every drawdown will mature six months from its date of issue.[9]

In August, 2023, the company collaborated with its investor RB Capital to boost its current line of credit (LOC) by $1 million, resulting in a total LOC amount of $3 million. This funding was part of the company's reorganization plan which included investing in high-growth profitable business operations. It is worth mentioning that the LOC does not involve convertible debt, and there is no exchange of SIRC stock for the funds received.[10]

Financial Performance[edit]

Financial performance for Solar Integrated Roofing Corporation:[11]

Year Ending Total Revenue Net Income Earnings per Share Total Liabilities Cash Balance
12/31/2022 $158,066,000 $3,466,000 $0.01 $55,341,000 $422,000
12/31/2021 $84,182,000 $14,060,000 $0.04 $55,876,000 $1,124,000
12/31/2020 $16,992,000 ($5,961,000) ($0.03) $21,751,000 $10,245,000
12/31/2019 $17,253,000 ($7,739,000) ($0.05) $11,538,000 $710,000

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