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Regen BioPharma, Inc. is a US-based biotechnology company that focuses on the development of regenerative medical applications and advancing technologies through pre-clinical and Phase I/II clinical trials in the United States. The company identifies small molecules that inhibit or express NR2F6, leading to immune cell activation for oncology applications, and immune cell suppression for autoimmune disease. It focuses on immunology and immunotherapy research for the treatment of blood disorders in the areas of Aplastic Anemia, Breast Cancer, Hematopoiesis, Leukemia, Liver Cancer, and Myelodysplastic Syndrome. Regen’s shares are publicly traded on the OTC Bulletin Board and OTC PINK markets under the symbol RGBP. The company was incorporated on April 24, 2012, under the laws of the State of Nevada. The company is headquartered in La Mesa, California.[1]

Company Operations[edit]

The company is actively developing products used to treat blood disorders using small molecules and gene silencing, treating cancer with immunotherapy, modulating molecular processes in cancer stem cells via its patented molecular targeting techniques, and repairing damaged bone marrow in patients with aplastic anemia and radiotherapy treated cancer patients. It also develops drugs that modulate telomere maintenance. Its range of products includes dCellVax, HemaXellarate I, HemaXellerate II, NR2F6, and Tcellvax.[2]

Product Pipeline[3][edit]

Regen currently conducts extensive research and develops its effective listed portfolio of products.

Small Molecules Targeting Cancer and Autoimmunity. The company has discovered and secured patents on small molecules that activate and inhibit a novel gene (NR2F6), which dictates the immune system’s reactions to cancerous cells and inflammatory responses. The project is currently in pre-clinical development.

HemaXellerate. HemaXellerate is a personalized cellular therapeutic product tailored to stimulate blood production in patients experiencing problems with their bone marrow functions. The product uses the patient’s fat to produce endothelial cells consequently used to heal damaged bone marrow. United States Food and Drug Administration Investigational New Drug Application cleared (IND #15376) to advance to Phase I / II clinical trials.

dCellVax. Dendritic cell-based immunotherapy stimulates the patient’s immune system through the gene-silencing process.

DiffronC. This is a unique form of therapy expected to display much milder toxicity than chemotherapy and aims to correct the specific genes that prevent the myelodysplastic syndrome stem cell from producing mature blood cells. It instigates the differentiation of cancer cells.

Telomeres and Genomic Integrity. Telomeres are protective structures positioned at the ends of chromosomes and enable cell divisions. Telomeres attrition heavily contribute to aging, cancer, and genetic mutations. The company is developing drugs that modulate telomere maintenance and for indications of solid cancers and acute leukemia.


The company announced on September 19, 2022, that it had filed a provisional patent application with the USPTO entitled "Dual Checkpoint Inhibitor Aptamer Based Therapeutics". Regen’s application incorporates novel compositions of matter able to act as conventional checkpoint inhibitor drugs while instantaneously silencing genes that regulate T cells and cancer cells such as NR2F6 and Survivin. The company is confident that the new platform technology is the first combination of immunotherapy and a gene silencing agent in a single drug that will sire positive results.[4]

On September 13, 2022, the company announced it’s the commencement of a series of phased experiments to kick start the process of moving its CAR-T cell de-differentiation approach through pre-clinical validation. The company communicated that it engaged ProMab Biotechnologies, Inc. of Richmond, California, the research organization to bump on a chain of experiments using its proprietary shRNA NR2F6-inhibiting technology to validate this approach.[5]

Earlier this year, in March, the company announced plans to accelerate the clinical development of its NR2F6 therapies. Fegen made clear its intention to combine modified mRNA technology with its existing siRNA (small interfering RNA)  intellectual property targeting the NR2F6 nuclear receptor, which had been signaled as a potentially very important immune cell inhibitor and cancer stem cell differentiator. The company also filed an Investigational New Drug Application (IND#16928) for tCellVax with the U.S FDA at the same time. tCellVex would utilize siRNA to silence NR2F6 activity in human immune cells, enabling them to attack cancer cells. The move would in return speed up tCellVex’s development.[6]


Management Team and Scientific Advisory Board[7][edit]

David R. Koos, Ph.D., DBA, Chairman, and CEO

  • Over 30 years of experience in investment banking and venture capital
  • Extensive knowledge of start-up businesses, public markers, and SEC reporting companies
  • Has quality relationships with both large and small financial institutions, hedge funds, and entities that Regen BioPharma expects to leverage for company growth
  • Holds a Ph.D. in Sociology and a Doctor of Business Administration with an emphasis on finance

Scientific Advisory Board[edit]

Stefano Bertuzzi, Ph.D., MPH

  • Currently the Executive Director of the American Society for Cell Biology
  • Was crowned Executive Director and CEO of the American Society for Microbiology, effective January 4, 2016
  • Previously a senior scientific executive at the National Institutes of Health where he served as Director of the Office of Science Policy, Planning, and Communications, and as a science policy advisor to the NIH Director
  • Received his Ph.D. in Molecular Biotechnology from Milan, Italy, and his Master’s in Public Health from the Bloomberg School of Public Health at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore

David James Graham White, MD, PhD

  • Emeritus Professor Schulich School of Medicine, Novartis Global Research Management Board
  • Spearheaded organ transplantation by introducing cyclosporine into clinical practice with Professor Sir Roy Calne

Jonathan Baell, PhD

  • A professor or Medicinal Chemist at Monash University (Australia) whose research is focused on the discovery of new medicines for treating diseases with an unmet medical need
  • Has conducted original research with a total of 120 publications and patents
  • Won a national award for my discovery of a new class of potential multiple sclerosis therapeutics

Legal Issues[edit]


Pomerantz LLP in January 2022 reported that it was investigating claims against Regen Biopharma on behalf of Regen’s investors. The investigations aimed at determining whether Regen and some of its directors had engaged in securities fraud or other unlawful business practices. The scrutiny resulted from Regen’s Board of Directors' comments on a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. The board “stated that the previously issued Balance Sheet, Statement of Operations, Statement of Shareholders Equity ( Deficit) and Statement of Cash Flow for the quarter and nine months ended June 30, 2021, filed with the Company's Form 10-Q for the quarter ended June 30, 2021, should not be relied upon." The news saw Regen’s stock drop $0.0019 per share, or 13.01% over the two subsequent trading sessions closing at $0.0146 per share on December 23, 2021.[8]

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