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OTC Symbol: ZMRK | OTC Tier: Pink Current

Zalemark Holding Co. (OTC: ZMRK) is a publicly-traded company that was incorporated in 2010 in the state of Nevada, USA. The company operates as a brand management and distribution company, primarily in the fashion and beauty industry. Its mission is to acquire and manage a portfolio of high-end luxury brands, and then distribute these brands to retailers and consumers globally.

Zalemark Holding Co. offers a range of products and services, including jewelry, cosmetics, fragrances, and other beauty products. The company has several subsidiary companies, including Nuvus Corp, a blockchain technology company, and Zalemark Italia, which focuses on the Italian luxury market.

Zalemark Holding Co. has been actively acquiring and investing in various companies to expand its portfolio of brands and products. For example, in 2019, the company acquired a controlling interest in ZMRK Health and Wellness, a company that develops and markets natural health and wellness products.

Zalemark Holding Co. is listed on the OTC Pink market under the ticker symbol ZMRK. As a public company, it is required to file periodic reports with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and disclose its financial results to the public.

Zalemark Holding Co. Inc. invests in industries such as agriculture, real estate, travel, transportation, and food products processing.[1]

On March 15, 2021 the company signed a Licensing Agreement with Lupos Biotechnology Inc. to develop Cannabis topical products. Zalemark will market the cannabis products under the name "Aeroponleaf".[2]

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