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Graphene Manufacturing Group Pty Ltd (OTC: GMGMF, TSXV: GMG) is a disruptive Australia-based clean-tech company that manufactures and distributes graphene globally. The company focuses on producing and selling energy-saving products and solutions and energy storage products. It achieves the objective through the in-house manufacture of graphene via a proprietary production process. The company operates through the energy-saving and energy-storage segments. The energy-saving segment focuses on Graphene-enhanced heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) coatings, fluids, and lubricants. On the other hand, the energy storage segment deals with the commercialization of GMG graphene aluminium-ion batteries. GMG's services cut across numerous markets, including facility management, food supply management, transport and earth-moving, shopping centres and food outlets, retail, automotive operations and maintenance, and institutions.[1] The company was founded in 2016 and had its headquarters in Richlands, Queensland, Australia. GMG’s common stock publicly-trade on TSXV under the GMG symbol, on Tradegate in Germany under “0GF”, and on OTC markets under the GMGMF ticker symbol.[2]

GMG Business Operations[edit]

GMG’S primary goal is to develop applications for energy-saving and energy-storage solutions. In 2017 and 2018, the company engineered and proved a unique proprietary production process that generates GMG Graphene from natural gas (methane), contrary to traditional production from mined Graphite. Its technology thus cracks methane to produce graphene and hydrogen. The process results in high quality, low input costs, scalable, ‘tuneable’, and low contaminant Graphene. The company uses graphene’s low input cost source to generate value-added products that clinch the massive energy efficiency and energy storage market demands. The ultimate product is employable in clean technology applications across various industries, leading to environmental improvements. GMG is exploring further opportunities for GMG Graphene, e.g., manufacturing next-generation batteries and jointly working with leading institutions in Australia to investigate ways to ameliorate the performance of lubricant oil and performance-enhanced HVAC-R coating systems.[3]


Graphene Aluminium-Ion Battery

Laboratory tests and experiments have shown that the battery technology has higher energy and power densities than the popular Lithium-Ion Battery technology. The tests reveal that Graphene Aluminium-Ion Battery will have up to three times more life and charge upto 70times faster. The University of Queensland Research and UniQuest are underway with the scale-up research project on the product.[4]

HVAC-R Energy Savings Coating System

It is a technique that improves the conductivity of corroded heat exchange surfaces. The process coats and cubs mangled heat exchange surfaces while repairing lost corroded thermal conductivity and boosting the heat transfer rate. The technology relies on the physics of GMG Graphene to improve efficiency and reduce power consumption. Graphene offers better thermal conductivity, 10-15times greater than copper and aluminium. It is also corrosion resistant, meaning it protects metal surfaces of systems from rusting.[5]


It is a concentrate of GMG Graphene and lubricating oil (1%) made to save on energy and emissions and prevent wear. It forms a protective layer between metal interfaces, thereby reducing friction.[6] In a post on Linkedin the company reported export shipments of the product to fill orders from customers in South-East Asia. It was noted that these orders followed positive trials. No indication of the revenue from these orders was provided in the post.[7]

GMG relies on selling THERMAL-XR into HVAC and industrial heat management projects in the USA, Australia, and other international markets for near-time revenue generation. The firm is committed to the shift from R&D to commercializing its Graphene Aluminium-Ion Battery for the medium term.[8]

Vital News[edit]

The company announced on Dec. 12, 2022, that its board had approved the investment of an additional $AU 600,000 in capital expenditure to facilitate the development of Graphene Aluminium Ion (G+AI) Battery cell and propel semi-automatic pouch cell prototype production in its Battery Development Centre ("BDC") to be tested by customers. GMG is positive that its pouch cells could be employed in many applications, including IoT sensors, personal mobility devices, energy storage, electric vehicles, personal electronics, etcetera. Craig Nicol, the company’s GMG's Managing Director and CEO, added that GMG continues to forge collaborative partnerships with a significant number of potential battery customers to drive the commercial development program further next year.[9]

The company's Quarter 1, 2023, began on Jul. 1 and ended on Sept. 30, 2022. Financial and corporate highlights of the firm's performance in the recent quarter include:

  • a cash position of $8.4 million and no debt as of Sept. 30, 2022
  • incurred a loss of $2,620K, with the net loss amounting to $3,559K after adjustments for warrants
  • signed non-disclosure agreements with a significant number of international, high-profile potential customers for opportunities and priorities for the subsequent development and commercialization of its battery prototypes
  •  recorded positive progress and performance on the Graphene Aluminium-Ion Battery.[10]



Craig Nicol, Chief Executive Officer, Founder, and Managing Director,

  • Has more than 20 years of delivering in large-scale innovation, including leading multi-billion-dollar gas and LNG value chains in Australia and the Asia Pacific
  • Has also worked with sales and marketing teams across the Asia Pacific working for Shell International
  • Holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Manufacturing Systems (Honours) and has a bachelor's degree in Business Marketing from the Queensland University of Technology
  • A member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) and the Chair of the Australian Graphene Industry Association (AGIA).

Frederick Kotzee, Chief Financial Officer and Director

  • A chartered accountant with more than 20 years of experience leading financial operations and strategic planning for multinational companies
  • Holds various senior positions in the Anglo American Group, where he serves as the General Manager of Corporate Finance, the CFO of Kumba Iron Ore Limited, and the Head of Business Development at Anglo Platinum
  • Successfully secured financing and offtake agreements with large battery purchasing companies when working as CFO of Australian-listed Kidman Resources Limited

Other significant team members are GUY OUTEN, Board Chair and Non-Executive Director. DR ASHOK KUMAR NANJUNDAN, Chief Scientific Officer, and Sheena Ward, chief operating officer.

Company ESG[edit]

Graphene Manufacturing Group is dedicated to a positive Environmental, Social & Governance culture. The company’s board appointed a sustainability committee to review and oversee sustainability factors to protect and improve the environment and society. GMG is committed to contributing to the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which include:

  • # 7 Ensure access to affordable,  sustainable, reliable, and modern energy for all,
  • # 9 Build resilient infrastructure,  foster innovation, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization, and
  • # 13 Urgently react to combat climate change and its impact.

The highlighted goals are in line with the company’s business plan goals. GMG is committed to advancing real-time transparent reports regarding carbon emissions from its operations verified by an independent party following the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (“NGER”) Framework and guidance notes on estimating emissions and energy from industrial processes.[12]


OTC Symbol: GMGMF | OTC Tier: Pink Current

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