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Graphite One Inc.[edit]

Graphite One Inc. is a mineral exploration company based in Vancouver, Canada, with operations in the United States; it owns the Graphite Creek property in Alaska, comprising 176 mining claims covering an area of 9,600 hectares on the Seward Peninsula; formerly known as Graphite One Resources Inc., the company rebranded as Graphite One Inc. in February 2019.[1]


Graphite One Inc. was incorporated in 2006. The company's origin can be traced back to its establishment as a mineral exploration company with a focus on graphite resources. Graphite is a critical element used in various industries, including batteries, electric vehicles, and other high-tech applications. The founders of Graphite One Inc. recognized the increasing demand for graphite as technology and renewable energy sectors expanded. Graphite's importance in lithium-ion batteries and other energy storage technologies made it a valuable commodity in the emerging clean energy landscape.[2]

To capitalize on the growing market for graphite and related products, Graphite One Inc. sought to identify and develop high-quality graphite deposits with significant potential for extraction and commercialization.[3]

The company's primary asset is the Graphite Creek property located on the Seward Peninsula in Alaska, USA. This property is known to contain a significant graphite resource, making it a strategic asset for Graphite One Inc.[2]

Over the years, Graphite One Inc. has conducted extensive exploration and drilling activities to assess the graphite resources at the Graphite Creek property. These efforts aimed to estimate the size and quality of the graphite deposit and determine its economic viability for future mining operations.[3]

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