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OTC Symbol: VSST | OTC Tier: Pink Current

Voice Assist Inc. (OTC: VSST) is based in Irvine, California and was founded in 2002. The company develops mobile apps that facilitate the use of voice commands while driving.[1] The domain voiceassist.com displays a GoDaddy domain available for sale page.[2]

According to a previous version of their Linkedin profile, "Voice Assist is a hosted speech services company that enables voice in any application, network and IP-connected device. The company’s cloud-based speech platform eliminates the need to use a keyboard or keypad to interact, and enables users to communicate, connect or transact using any application on any phone or IP-connected device. The Voice Assist platform includes a fast and safe way to make calls, manage your e-mails, send text messages and post to social networks such as Facebook and Twitter by voice commands and provides a scalable solution for developers to add voice to any application." The Voice Assist page no longer appears on Linkedin. The Linkedin profile previously showed that there were 5 employees with profiles on the site, and indicates that Bob Howard is currently a member of the Board of Directors.[3]

In its most recent available press release from January, 2013 the company announced that its Voice Assist app was available in the Apple App Store.[4]

More press releases are available on the PR Newswire website, with most of the releases dating back to 2011 and 2010, or earlier.[5]

The stock still trades as of April, 2023, at a price around $0.02 and about 10,000 shares a day.[6] OTC Markets website lists the stock as Pink Limited Information.[7] The company seems to be filing financial forms as recently as the year ending 2021, with activity limited to expenses of $18,000.[8]

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