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Company Details[edit]

BrainChip Holdings Ltd. (OTC: BCHPF, ASX: BRN) is a technology firm developing and producing hardware and software solutions in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning applications. Its product portfolio incorporates Akida Neural Processor IP, Akida Enablement Platform, Akida 1000 Ref SoC, and the MetaTF. The company runs the BrainChip University AI Accelerator Program, equips higher education institution students with technical knowledge, promotes cutting-edge discoveries, and shapes next-gen technology innovators. BrainChip Holdings Ltd. was founded in 2011. It is headquartered in Laguna Hills, CA. The company’s stock is publicly traded on the Australian Stock Exchange (BRN: ASX) and the OTC Market (BRCHF).[1]

Company Operations[edit]

The company is committed to making every device with a sensor AI-smart. The firm's diverse engineering team combines global expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Semi-Conductor Design, Software Development, and Technology to produce novel state-of-the-art solutions in the industry. It brings more accuracy and elegance to the processing of sensor data by increasing the efficiency of machines. AI Enablement simplifies digital interaction while smart sensors make edge AI possible. Advantages of the Akida technology include:

  • Accuracy. It creates an intelligent edge by accurately identifying, extracting, analyzing, and inferring only the most useful information.
  • Economical. The technology shifts specific tasks and functions to more efficient edge silicon, reducing costs, minimizing data center workloads, and lowering power consumption.
  • More Security. Akida locally processes, stores, and analyzes data, reducing the overall attack surface.
  • Increased efficiency. It reduces data movement between endpoints and the cloud, thereby reducing latency and propelling service delivery. [2]


Akida IP is the company's first-to-market neuromorphic processor IP that imitates the brain only to analyze essential sensor input at the acquisition point, processing information with superior efficiency, precision, and economy of energy. The technology improves data privacy and security and reduces latency by keeping the AI/ML local.

Meta TF software provides a performance simulation, a model zoo, and a CNN conversion model. The fully operational Akida 1000 reference chip facilitates working system evaluation.

Meta TF Development Environment, a complete machine-learning framework, allows the seamless creation, training, and testing of neural networks operating on the Akida event domain neural processor. It enables companies to develop a neural network for particular edge applications efficiently.

Akida Neural processor System-on-Chip (SoC). It is a complete event-domain neural processing device with 1.2 million neurons and 10 billion synapses. The processor can be used as an independent embedded accelerator or integrated as a co-processor to aid multiple use cases, e.g., automotive and cybersecurity.[3]


BrainChip’s AKIDA technology is employed in an array of systems across industries that use technology as a driving force for innovation and development. BrainChip Automotive brings significant artificial intelligence to the next generation of smart cars. It improves in-cabin experience through Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and other advanced features, including driver authentication, face recognition, gesture recognition, and the ability to combine modalities that formulate roadmaps. BrainChip’s Akida processor IP monitors the system health of any piece of machinery. It provides early diagnostics via real-time sensory data analysis, eradicating human errors and reducing machinery deterioration. Sensor-enabled technology is applied in home systems to improve security through face and audio recognition and improve end-user experience. The automated manufacturing sector requires sensors to capture and analyze tolerances and quality.[4]

Company and Industry News[edit]

During the announcement of the company’s scheduled "Essential AI: Efficient, Effective, Everywhere" presentation at IoT World & The AI Summit Austin on October 26, 2022, Rob Telson, Vice President of Ecosystem and Partnerships, gave bright highlights on the current state of the technology market. He stated that the high demand for AI-driven IoT everywhere applications create enormous opportunities for technology companies to develop new and more intelligent products. Opportunity ranges from automated factories to autonomous vehicles to sensor-based robotics that can hear, taste, touch, see, and smell. There is, thus, a tremendous need for Edge AI solutions that can provide optimal performance with minimal power consumption.[5]

An analysis of BrainChip’s performance over the past three years to June 2022 by Simply Wallstreet indicates that the firm has robust financial execution. Highlights of the company's performance over the stated period include:

  • The share price surged an impressive 887%
  • Even though the company recorded zero profits for the preceding twelve months, it managed an average 35% increase in revenue per year over the three years.
  • The share price has constantly been increasing, posting a gain of 115% per year over the stated period.
  • The company’s total shareholder return of 931%, higher than its share price return, implies that it managed to reward its shareholders with a total shareholder return of approximately 47% over the past twelve months.[6]


Sean Hehir, CEO

  • Received his BS from the University of Massachusetts and MBA from Georgia State University.
  • Has managed global teams and grown global enterprises such as Compaq and HP and as smaller, fast-growing companies like Fusion-io.
  • He is recognized in the industry as an iconic builder of trusted Strategic Alliances across diverse partners, including Systems Integrators, ISVs, and OEMs.

Peter Van Der Made, Founder & Chief Technology Officer

  • Over 40 years at the forefront of computer innovation
  • He is the inventor of the the computer immune system and founded vCIS Technology, where he served as CTO and later Chief Scientist
  • He previously founded PolyGraphic Systems and designed a high-resolution, high-speed color Graphics Accelerator board and subsequent chip for IBM PC graphics
  • Developed the first generations of digital neuromorphic devices on which the Akida chip is based between 2004 and 2008, when he applied for a patent on this technology which was subsequently granted

Ken Scarince, Chief Financial Officer

  • Holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from Marquette University and a Master’s Degree in accounting from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • I recently served at 8020 Consulting as a consultant
  • He previously served as Controller at Virgin Galactic and Vice President of Finance and Chief Accounting Officer at Virgin America

Company Ethics and Code of Conduct[edit]

BrainChip is propelled by strong values of responsibility and integrity. The company is committed to an environment where open, honest communications are expected. The company's code of conduct stipulates the principles and standards that the Board, directors, senior executives, officers, and employees of BrainChip and its subsidiaries are encouraged to strive towards when dealing with each other, shareholders, other stakeholders, and the broader community. It has an EthicsPoint platform run by a third-party hotline provider via which constituents can raise anonymous complaints about the company, its operations, or employees.[8]

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