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Renegade Gold Inc. (OTC: TGLDF, TSXV: RAGE) is involved in acquiring, exploring, and developing mineral properties, primarily situated in the Red Lake mining district in northern Ontario. The company focuses its exploration efforts on discovering deposits of gold, copper, zinc, and silver. Originally named Trillium Gold Mines Inc., the company underwent a name change to Renegade Gold Inc. in July 2023. Established in 2005, Renegade Gold Inc. has its headquarters in Vancouver, Canada.[1]

Name Change[edit]

The name change from Trillium Gold Mines Inc. to Renegade Gold Inc. was effective on July 17, 2023. The ticker symbol on the TSXV exchange was changed to RAGE. In addition, a 10:1 reverse stock split occurred, which reduced the outstanding shares to just under 15,000,000.[2]


Red Lake District[edit]

Renegade Gold possesses a landholding of more than 1,200 square kilometers in the Red Lake gold district of Ontario. This includes strategic locations neighboring Evolution's Red Lake Mine, Kinross' Great Bear Project, West Lake Gold Mine's Madsen Mine, and First Mining Gold's Springpole Project. Our diverse portfolio encompasses early-stage projects featuring various gold and critical metals occurrences, progressing to advanced projects with expansive, open trends hosting both high-grade and widespread gold mineralization.[3]

Since the 1920s, the Red Lake district has yielded a cumulative production of over 30 million ounces of gold. This long-established district boasts excellent infrastructure, a proficient workforce, and a high-capacity mill. Geologically, the district is characterized by orogenic gold deposits linked to deep, crustal-scale fault structures and their associated fracture zones. The Balmer assemblage has been the primary focus of exploration efforts in the region, hosting the majority of gold production from Red Lake. However, the recent success of the Dixie project within the Confederation assemblage has sparked interest in a geological package that had previously undergone limited exploration.[3]

Newman Todd[edit]

A 2.2 kilometer structure with a depth of 300m of altered and deformed stromatalite has been identified at Newman Todd, and a step out drilling program was conducted in 2022.[4]


Encompassing 57,000 hectares and extending 65 kilometers along significant regional structures, the Confederation Belt Property accommodates 33 documented mineral occurrences. It holds significant promise for critical minerals like molybdenum, nickel, cobalt, and lithium, which had not been historically explored in the area. An extensive analysis of 10,000 meters of historic core has been conducted, involving the collection of over 3,400 samples. This effort has resulted in the establishment of a comprehensive drill database for precise targeting. The analysis revealed comparable lithological and structural settings to the LP Fault of the Dixie Project, along with previously un-assayed mineralization.[5]

Red Lake[edit]

The Red Lake Gold Property spans 16,900 hectares strategically positioned between the Madsen Mine, Kinross' Dixie Project, and Evolution Mining's Red Lake mines. Situated on the boundary between the Balmer and Confederation assemblages, this region is structurally intricate and holds substantial mineralization potential, as exemplified by the Dixie discovery. Exporation on the property includes the completion of 79 drillholes, totaling 26,719 meters, and the acquisition of 1,011 surface samples. Additionally, magnetic, Lidar, IP, VLF/EM, and 2D seismic surveys have been executed. The combination of recent exploration efforts and a meticulously compiled historic dataset has identified high-priority, drill-ready targets.[6]


Sidace represents an advanced gold project with an extensive drilling history exceeding 80,000 meters. Over the course of 2020 and 2021, 18 drillholes were successfully completed, amounting to a total drilled length of 11,575 meters. The primary objective of the program was the extension of three key mineralized zones on the Sidace Project: the Main Discovery Zone (“MDZ”), the Upper Duck Zone (“UDZ”), and the Anderson Zone. The drilling campaign demonstrated success, as 17 out of the 18 holes intersected gold mineralization.[7]

Exploration Activity[edit]

A multi-drill exploration initiative at its Red Lake Gold Project, encompassing a total of 10,000 meters, began in January, 2024. This program employs two drills to assess extensional targets at the advanced Newman Todd Deposit and prioritize high-priority regional targets at the Confederation property. Key aspects of the program include the examination of high-grade extensional targets at the Newman Todd Deposit.[8]

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