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Greenlane Renewables Inc. is a Canadian company that operates globally, providing biogas upgrading systems that purify raw biogas generated from landfills, wastewater treatment plants, farms, and food waste facilities by removing impurities and separating carbon dioxide from biomethane, enabling its injection into the natural gas grid or use as vehicle fuel, and offers various technologies including water wash, pressure swing adsorption, and membrane separation, marketing them under the Greenlane Biogas brand; it was established in 1986 under the name Creation Capital Corp. and rebranded as Greenlane Renewables Inc. in June 2019.[1]


Greenlane Renewables Inc. has its roots dating back to 1986 when it was founded as Creation Capital Corp. in Burnaby, Canada. The company initially operated in various sectors, but over time, it shifted its focus towards renewable energy and specifically biogas upgrading systems.[2]

In the early years, Greenlane Renewables explored opportunities in different industries, but it wasn't until the growing interest in renewable energy and sustainability that the company found its niche in biogas upgrading technology. Biogas is a renewable energy source produced from organic waste materials, such as food waste, agricultural residues, and wastewater. However, raw biogas contains impurities, particularly carbon dioxide, which limits its usability.[2]

Recognizing the potential in the biogas industry and the demand for cleaner energy solutions, Greenlane Renewables directed its efforts towards developing efficient biogas upgrading systems. These systems are designed to purify raw biogas by removing impurities, including carbon dioxide, and separating biomethane, a high-energy content gas that can be used as a clean and sustainable fuel.[2]

In 2018, Greenlane acquired the Alternative Energy Division of Pressure Technologies plc.[3]

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