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About Atlantic Lithium[edit]

Atlantic Lithium Limited (OTC: ALLIF, LON: ALL) is engaged in lithium exploration, development and mining in West Africa and is traded on the OTC Exchange, the London Stock Exchange and the Australian Stock Exchange. The company holds the rights to over 1,300 square kilometers of land in Ghana and Cote d'Ivoire and hopes to open the first mine in this region.[1]

The Company acquired its name because it has projects in West Africa, shares listed on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange, and shares traded on the over-the-counter market in the United States. These three markets reflect the three ends of the Atlantic ocean that the Company covers. Atlantic Lithium hopes to make significant natural resource discoveries and create value by bringing assets closer to the point where they can be commercialized while adhering to international standards and the most effective practices currently available.


Ewoyaa Lithium Project[edit]

This $102 million with partner Piedmont Lithium, will become the first lithium-producing mine in West Africa.[2] The goal of this project is to provide a high-quality end-product ideal for processing into battery materials.

Based on a pre-feasibility study on the Ewoyaa Lithium Project in Ghana it is estimated that the project could generate nearly $5 billion in revenue and $1.33 billion in free cash flow. Maiden ore reserves are estimated to be 18.9 million tons at 1.24% Li2O. Additionally, it is expected that the mine will have a 12.5 year life and require $125 million in capital expenditures.[3]

Potential for Profitability[edit]

According to the two experts from British Metals and Mining, Atlantic Lithium is on the verge of turning a profit. They forecast the last deficit for the firm in 2024, but then a gain of AU$58m in 2025. The business should achieve profitability in around three years. By 2025, at what annual growth rate will the company need to be profitable? If you do the math backward from the analysts' predictions, you'll find that they think the firm will expand by an average of 113% per year. If the Company grows more slowly than planned, it will take longer to turn a profit.[4]


Atlantic Lithium claims to be a cutting-edge mining company that puts a premium on transparency, collaboration, and the provision of enduring benefits to the local communities in which it operates. These are all values that are a high priority, they aim to recruit and collaborate with local workers and service providers whenever possible as well as encourage activities that benefit society and the environment.[2]


High-value prospective mineral deposits are the Company's forte, and it employs cutting-edge, eco-friendly exploration, growth, and risk mitigation methods to bring its assets to commercialization. Shareholders may expect considerable exploration and value upside from the Company's 1,334km2 portfolio of exploration and development assets in Ghana and Côte d'Ivoire. The Royal Lithium Project is the crown jewel of Atlantic Lithium and will become the first lithium mine in Ghana, according to a funding deal with Piedmont Lithium. By the terms of the agreement, Atlantic Lithium is progressing with the Project via the required investigations.[5]

Atlantic Lithium is well-positioned to execute its goal and provide value to shareholders, and long-term benefits to all stakeholders, thanks to the Board and Management of the Company's extensive knowledge and experience in operating projects in Africa and across the globe. As global demand for lithium in electric car batteries and energy storage rises with international efforts to reduce emissions, the Company is well-positioned to capitalize on solid long-term market fundamentals for spodumene concentrate.[5]

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