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About First Tellurium Corp[edit]


First Tellurium Corp. is a Canadian company that focuses on acquiring, exploring, and evaluating mineral properties. Its main activities revolve around the exploration of silver, tellurium, gold, copper, tungsten, copper porphyry, bismuth, lead, zinc, and molybdenum. First Tellurium Corp. was established in 2004 and is headquartered in Delta, Canada.[1] First Tellurium successfully transitioned from the OTC Pink Market to the OTCQB Venture Market, approved by OTC Markets Group Inc., and commenced trading under the symbol "FSTTF" on June 20, 2023.[2]


First Tellurium has developed a small mine and phased approach strategy for the Deer Horn Property. Their strategy involves starting with a small mine and gradually expanding it over time. This approach has several advantages, including lower exploration and development costs, lower capital expenditure (only $28.3 million), faster time to production and cash flow, and exceptional post-tax payback in just 1.6 years. It also allows for faster delivery of tellurium to buyers and potential dilution-free funding for resource development.[3]


The company emphasizes the importance of Indigenous support, including potential investment and employment, as a key driver of their strategy. They aim to have a smaller environmental footprint and less onerous permitting through their small mine application. They also highlight the benefits of generating ROI through mineral exploration, partnerships, and responsible exploration.[3]

First Tellurium's vision is to maximize returns for investors through their Impact Growth Model, which combines valuable mineral discoveries with empowering and enriching their Indigenous partners while advancing sustainable exploration. Their mission is to build a new revenue model for the junior resource industry by collaborating with Indigenous governments, industry leaders, NGOs, and environmental organizations.[3]

Their purpose is to create a minimal environmental footprint through a scaled approach, focusing on low-cost and efficient operations to enable shorter timelines for production. They prioritize sustainable and ethical operations while generating wealth and value for all stakeholders. They believe that cooperation with Indigenous peoples, funding innovation, partnerships, and unconventional exploration models are crucial for responsible and innovative exploration in the future.[3]


Deer Horn Property[edit]

The company's flagship property is the Deer Horn Property, in which it holds a 50% ownership interest. This property spans an area of 5,133 hectares and is located in British Columbia, Canada. Previously known as Deer Horn Capital Inc., the company underwent a name change to First Tellurium Corp. in 2021.[1]

Thermoelectric Venture[edit]

In April, 2023, First Tellurium announced the establishment of a thermoelectric technology-focused research and development business, 1406975 BC Ltd. ("NewCo"), in which it holds a controlling interest, aiming to explore new applications of tellurium and develop enhanced thermoelectric generators for the renewable energy and automotive sectors, aligning with the company's long-term strategy for vertical growth and innovation-driven opportunities.[4]

Financial Performance[edit]

Summary of First Telleurium Corp financials:[5]

Year Ending Total Revenue Net Income Cash Balance
7/31/2022 $0 ($1,496,000) $784,000
7/31/2021 $0 ($386,000) $2,000
7/31/2020 $0 ($643,000) $89,000
7/31/2019 $0 ($512,000) $4,000

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