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About NSAV[edit]

Net Savings Link, Inc. (OTC: NSAV) is a cryptocurrency, blockchain, and digital asset technology company. The company holds interests in Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms backboned by Artificial Intelligence (AI). It advances a myriad of services to turnkey technological solutions to the cryptocurrency, blockchain, and digital asset industries. The firm provides the underlying industries with services such as advisory services, e-commerce, financial services, information technology, and software solutions. The platform supports numerous cryptocurrency exchanges. The company was founded on February 21, 2007. It is headquartered in Mountainhome, PA. Its common shares are publicly traded on OTC markets under the NSA ticker symbol.[1]

Company Operations[edit]

Net is dedicated to establishing a fully integrated technology company that provides the cryptocurrency, blockchain, and digital asset industries with quality turnkey technological solutions. The company’s primary focus is to keep on making acquisitions and deals, with the aim of harvesting profits from the flourishing cryptocurrency market, valued at over $200 billion annually. The firm is operating identically to a venture capital firm in the crypto, digital asset, and blockchain space, with an ultimate plan of developing its solutions like a cryptocurrency exchange. Along with its partner, Silverbear Capital, NSAV works on becoming a leader in the Decentralized Finance sector in China and globally in the forthcoming years.[2]

NSAV owns NSAV Premium OTC Cryptocurrency Trading Desk, NSAV Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange, NSAVDEX 1 running on Okex Chain, NSAV Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange, NSAVDEX 2, running on Binance Smart Chain, and others. The firm, via Shanghai Hua Si Tai Medical Consultation Company Limited, its subsidiary, provides clinical research to companies, such as Eli Lilly and the Medtronic Foundation. China, Europe, and the United States substitute the company’s primary markets.[3]

Key Services[edit]

Cryptocurrency. NSAV provides a variety of cryptocurrency services including development and advice on such projects. The company entered the Chinese cryptocurrency and blockchain market after Chinese government authorities recognized the technology and recommended that it be regulated as an alternative market rather than a fiat currency in 2019.

Advisory Services. The company provides comprehensive cryptocurrency advisory services. Advisory services are passed to clients and companies in the industries via experts who deliver practical business solutions.

E-commerce. The firm has a result-driven marketing service tailored to accommodate each client’s needs. Its extensive network helps clients increase conversion rates, overall online visibility, and website traffic.

Financial Services. The company, as a financial advisor prepares clients for the challenges of investing in the cryptocurrency industry including risk confrontation and facing challenges such as cyber, internal controls, transactional, and regulatory threats.

Digital Asset Industries. NSAV provides clients with end-to-end asset management and digital workflow from ownership to taxation, with the aid of tax consultants. It also employs blockchain technology to reinforce the security of the underlying digital property.[4]

Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchange (CEX)[edit]

Net Savings has introduced its Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchange (CEX), now known as NSAVx. The acquisition of this CEX was finalized last week, and it has been rebranded to operate under the NSAV brand starting today. This innovative platform represents the company's primary venture in the expanding realm of carefully selected Web3 assets, secure digital wallets, and rewards. The NSAVx platform will maintain its commitment to providing state-of-the-art security features and advanced safety protocols for asset storage. Additionally, the rewards platform will leverage a revenue model based on marketing and advertising for third-party Web3 projects, contributing to the broader support of the blockchain industry.[5]

Mergers, Acquisitions and Partnerships[edit][edit]

In 2024 NSAV formed a strategic partnership with, wherein, MADA will will promote NSAV's platform to its 8,000,000 wallet customers. NSAV hoped to gain up to 400,000 new customers through this partnership.[6][edit] was acquired in 2024. is an advanced, permissionless, and non-custodial Web3.5 application that allows members to exchange tokens and NFTs. This platform helps users align their crypto portfolios with their goals by enabling token and NFT swaps. Additionally, provides a special service for projects with inactive tokens, allowing them to exchange these for the native SWOP token for a nominal recycling fee of $100 per token holder, thereby cleaning up the blockchain by moving inactive projects to a 0x00…dEaD wallet.[7]

Himalaya Technologies[edit]

Under the terms of a deal with Himalaya Technologies, will provide technology development and social media management services to Himalaya., in collaboration with, will integrate the EVEREST token into the DiVinciPay payment system. Additionally, Net Savings Link, Inc. has entered into a joint venture partnership with Himalaya under which pre-approved token listings will be funded through the Himalaya ( application. The fees generated from funding will be equally shared between the two parties.[8]

WRIT Media Group, Inc.[edit]

WRIT Media Group, Inc. and Net Savings have formed a strategic development partnership. As part of the agreement, will deliver technology development, WEB3 integration, and CEX Vault services for WRIT Media Group, Inc. The initial projects from this partnership include and, both designed to disrupt traditional media by transforming B2C and B2B press distribution. Additionally, has created the WRIT Token for WRIT Media Group, which will function as the utility token for the newly developed websites.[9]

Staynex Group PTE, Ltd.[edit]

Net Savings has a revenue sharing agreement with Staynex Group PTE, Ltd., which was signed in June, 2024. Under the terms of the Agreement, Net Savings will market Staynex's membership plans, JETset (Travel) Passes, and Time-share and Experience-Share NFTs to its user base, for which it will receive a 20% commission on all future fees. Staynex has over 2.5 million hotels, resorts, and serviced apartments onboarded, and the company leverages AI and blockchain technology to offer Travel2Earn loyalty program with gamification, crypto payments, crypto debit/credit cards and AI curated listings.[10]

AWC Acquisition[edit]

The company, on October 24, 2022, announced that it had signed a Definitive Acquisition Agreement for AWC Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchange (AWC), which had approximately $1,500,000,000 USDT Dollar Value on Deposit at that moment. The exchange can list both ERC-20 and BEP-20 tokens. AWC boasts over 2,000 active wallet traders. AWC’s management projected a monthly estimated income of $1,500,000 based on $100 average daily trading per user once the number of active users hits 5,000. It further forecasted a monthly income of $7,500,000 based on $250 per user for 10,000 users. NSAV, in late August, made public its engagement of MD Global Partners (MD Global), a leading Manhattan-based investment banking firm, to act as the firm’s exclusive general financial advisor for investment banking and strategic corporate planning services.[11] The acquisition was completed in Q4, 2023.[12]


NSAV and Vagabond Technology Solutions, a Blockchain-as-a-Service provider (BaaS), announced the launch of VagaChain, a 3rd Generation Layer 1 Blockchain Solution to solve the most critical and urgent sustainability challenges for businesses and enable their transformation. The global blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) market is projected to reach USD 24.94 billion by 2027 from USD 1.90 billion in 2019, with a CAGR of 39.5%. The two companies intend to strengthen their shared ecosystem while targeting proceeds from the highly valued market.[13]


Net’s majority shareholder retired 500 million shares of Series B Preferred Stock that it owned (equal to 500M shares of common stock) as announced by the company on May 19, 2022. The value of the underlying shares was estimated at $4.75 million as at the previous day’s closing price. The strategy was employed to avail more shares for acquisitions that can enhance shareholders’ value and keep dilution to a minimum.[14]

Legal Issues[edit]

NSAV faced a significant lawsuit that resulted in a judgement of $1.29 million awarded to Jake Noch, a former employee of the company. Jake filed a suit against the company in the Circuit Court for Collier County in Naples, Florida, for lost wages and expenses accrued on behalf of the Company. The court made a default final judgment in favor of Mr. Noch on September 15, 2020.[15]

Jake Noch file another lawsuit against Net Savings in 2021 claiming securities fraud by the company.[16] In this suit Me. Noch claimed the shares received from the settlement of his previous lawsuit could not be cleared with a stock brokerage firm because the company is not DTC eligible and therefore, the shares are worthless to him. On October 6, 2021 Mr. Noch filed a Notice of Voluntary Dismissal without prejudice in the Naples court.[17]

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