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NEXE Innovations Inc. (OTC: NEXNF, TSXV: NEXE) is a Canada-based company that designs, manufactures, and utilizes technology to create plant-based products. The company is focused on plant-based compostable technology and materials manufacturing. It has developed patented, fully compostable, single-serve coffee pods made from plant-based materials for use in single-serve coffee machines. The company's NEXE Pod product is a fully compostable, plant-based, single-serve coffee format for use in these machines.[1]

NEXE Innovations has a subsidiary, Xoma Operations Inc., which provides plant-based, compostable products in the NEXE pod, including XOMA Keto Cocoa, Matcha, Turmeric, Golden Milk, Coffee Fortified with MCT, Mindful Mushroom Coffee, and Keto Coffee. The company also has two other subsidiaries: NEXE Technology Corporation and GPak Holdings Ltd.[1]


The NEXE Pod[edit]

Composting is a well-established method of using natural processes to create sustainable solutions. It has been practiced for centuries and is mentioned in ancient texts such as those of the Greeks and Romans, as well as the Bible. However, modern composting techniques have advanced significantly since then.[2]

One current problem that composting can help solve is the single-use coffee pods, which are made from petroleum-based plastics and contribute to the 40 billion in landfills worldwide yearly. These pods can take over a thousand years to break down due to the process of "photodegradation," which relies on UV and infrared light from the sun to break down the plastic. However, plastics in landfills are rarely exposed to sunlight due to the constant addition of new layers.[2]

In contrast, the compostable coffee pods developed by NEXE Innovations Inc. are compatible with leading single-serve coffee format machines, non-toxic in soil, and fully compostable within as little as 17 days. They have also undergone five years of science-backed testing and have a larger volume capacity than standard single-serve capsules.[2]

K-Cup Format[edit]

NEXE Innovations Inc. offers three types of premium organic coffee: a medium roast, a medium-dark roast, and a dark roast.[3]

The medium roast is made from organic coffee beans sourced from the high mountains of Peru. It has a balanced flavor with medium acidity and hints of brown sugar, lime, and an apple finish. It's made from organic coffee beans from the Peruvian mountains and is roasted to perfection for a rich flavor. The dark roast is a full-bodied blend made from organic coffee beans sourced from the mountains of Peru.[3]

NEXE Innovations Inc. packages all of its coffee products exclusively in its proprietary single-serve, fully-compostable, plant-based NEXE pods. These pods have a unique design and filter, allowing the company to fill each pod with more coffee than many other coffee brands.[4]


Windsor Site[edit]

NEXE Innovations Inc. has made significant progress toward launching its fully compostable single-serve coffee pods and transitioning to an in-house component manufacturing process. In January 2022, the company purchased a 54,000-square-foot facility in Windsor, Ontario, to support the development of a vertically integrated manufacturing operation. This facility will allow the company to de-risk its supply chain and improve margins by manufacturing key components in-house with the help of world-class vendors and integrators.[5]

Awaken Brands Ventures Ltd[edit]

NEXE Innovations Inc. has received its first purchase order as part of a partnership with Awaken Brands Ventures Ltd. to distribute a private-label coffee K-cup brand to food providers in the workplace. The company is pleased to be able to take part in this partnership and looks forward to the opportunity to provide its products to these customers.[6]


The key leaders of the company are:[7]

Ash Guglani, President and Director. He has spent 12 years in capital markets with a national investment bank in Vancouver and is a founder of NEXE.

Darren Footz, CEO and Director. He is a serial entrepreneur and the past President of Granville Island Coffee, a company he grew from a small artisan roaster to a national brand over five years.

Haytham Hodaly, Director. He is an engineer with a degree in Mining and Mineral Processing Engineering and a Master of Engineering specializing in Mineral Economics.  

Graham Gilley, Director. He is the Director of Enterprise Risk Management and Data Protection at Mulgrave School – The International School of Vancouver.

Killian Ruby, Director. He is the President and CEO of Malaspina Consultants Inc. in Vancouver, specializing in financial management and public company reporting.  

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