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Golden Grail Technology Corp. (OTC: GOGY) is a diversified beverage and investment firm based in Weston, Florida that acquires brands in various beverage categories. Its portfolio includes brands in the energy drink and fruit essence water categories. Golden Energy Corp. was the company's previous name before changing to Golden Grail Technology Corp. in November 2014. The group was founded in 1985.[1]

The strategic goal of innovating, constructing, and streamlining the expansion of its entire product range through financially prudent investing.Energy, flavored water, and sparkling flavored water are just a few of the emerging beverage categories in which Golden Grail has been actively acquiring brands. Its extensive product offerings cover a wide range of demographic and lifestyle groups, resulting in a dynamic, thorough, and varied beverage portfolio.[2]

Product Portfolio[edit]

Within emerging and expanding categories, the beverage brands from Golden Grail are well-established and recognizable.[2]

Sway Energy Drink[edit]

The first beverage on the market, Sway, combines the strength of immunity, energy, and nootropic items to optimize overall wellness for improved physical and cognitive performance. Vitamins A, B6, B12, C, and D are all present in Sway at the adequate 100% Daily Value. These vitamins are known to increase energy, enhance memory, and strengthen the body's natural immune system.[2] Golden Grail announced its acquisition of Sway energy on December 1, 2022.[3]

Sketch Can[edit]

Sketch Can is a naturally infused sweet flavored seltzer that is free of calories, sodium,  gluten, preservatives, and artificial sweetener.[2]

KOZ Water[edit]

The 12oz and 16oz cans of KOZ Water are entirely free of plastic and contain premium, pH-balanced water. According to information from the International Bottled Water Association, aluminum has become a significant rival to plastic bottles.[2]

Cause Water[edit]

Cause Water serves as a vehicle for change. Its pure mountain spring water, which is bottled at the source and shipped in a premium aluminum can with a resealable cap, contributes to the reduction of plastic pollution.[4]

Tickle Water[edit]

Giving kids and tweens a tasty and healthy beverage option, premium flavored sparkling water segment. "Only natural flavors, light carbonation, and triple-filtered water. remarkably clean. Exceptionally good."[2]

Scorpion HEMP Energy[edit]

Golden Grail is hard at work developing a healthy hemp-infused energy formula to market as Scorpion. According to Brightfield Group research agency, sales of Hemp/CBD drinks are expected to hit $2.5 billion by 2025.[2]

Trevi Essence Water[edit]

The overall sales of bottled water have been significantly impacted by flavored water. Trevi Essence Water is a genuine clean-label beverage that adheres to popular nutritional patterns by using only natural, sugar-free ingredients. TREVI creates a delicious and refreshing method for staying hydrated.[2]

Spider Energy Drink[edit]

One of the most sought-after advantages of functional beverages is energy. Sales of energy drinks and shots as a whole have surpassed $14 billion, and by 2024, sales are expected to reach $20 billion. SPIDER consumers say it has the best flavor and provides the most enduring energy.[2]


Asian American Trade Associations Council[edit]

Golden Grail has teamed up with the Asian American Trade Associations Council (AATAC) to broaden its distribution channels and boost sales and brand awareness. This collaboration will highlight Golden Grail Beverages' rising health-oriented drink varieties, such as energy drinks and flavored waters, both still and sparkling. With AATAC's representation of over 50,000 retailers spanning 80,000+ locations, the alliance will amplify Golden Grail Beverages' geographic presence and widen the range of retail points where consumers can find their products. The growth strategy will primarily target C-stores throughout North America, featuring prominent chains like BP, 76, Sunoco, Gulf, Chevron, Shell, Marathon, Arco, Circle K, among others.[5]

Financial Performance[edit]

Financial performance for Golden Grail Technology Corp.:

Year Ending Total Revenue Net Income Earnings per Share Total Liabilities Cash Balance
12/31/2022 $32,000 ($909,333) ($0.02) $4,283,000 $56,000
12/31/2021 $0 ($289,000) ($0.01) $3,261,000 $65,000
12/31/2020 $0 ($198,000) $0.00 $2,704,000 $10,000
12/31/2019 $0 ($118,000) $0.00 $2,849,000 $28,000
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