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DAVIDsTEA Inc. is a Canadian and U.S.-based tea retailer that offers a wide range of loose-leaf teas, pre-packaged teas, tea sachets, tea-related gifts, and various tea accessories such as mugs, teapots, infusers, and frothers, along with food and beverages; it distributes its products through various channels, including e-commerce platforms, wholesale customers like grocery stores and pharmacies, and company-owned storefronts, with its headquarters located in Mount Royal, Canada.[1]


DAVIDsTEA Inc. was founded in 2008 in Montreal, Canada, by David Segal and his cousin Herschel Segal. The company was born out of a shared passion for tea and a desire to introduce a more innovative and engaging tea experience to consumers. David Segal, a former musician and entrepreneur, was inspired by his travels around the world, where he discovered the diverse and rich tea cultures of different countries. Upon returning to Canada, he saw an opportunity to create a modern tea retail concept that would appeal to a younger, more contemporary audience. With the support and collaboration of his cousin Herschel Segal, the founder of the well-known Canadian retail company Le Château, DAVIDsTEA was established. The name "DAVIDsTEA" is a nod to David Segal's first name, emphasizing his personal connection to the brand and his passion for tea.[2]

In the ten years since it's start, the company opened over 250 stores in the U.S. and Canada. In July, 2020, DAVIDsTEA has revealed that, in accordance with an Initial Order issued by the Quebec Superior Court to facilitate its restructuring plan, the company is issuing notices to conclude leases for 82 of its Canadian stores and all 42 of its stores in the United States.[3] In 2022, the company made an announcement stating that it would keep only 18 of its stores operational, while a total of 200 stores located throughout Canada would be permanently closed.[4]

The company's approach was to offer a vast selection of high-quality loose-leaf teas, blended with unique and creative flavors, while providing an interactive and engaging shopping experience. DAVIDsTEA stores were designed with bright, colorful, and inviting atmospheres, encouraging customers to explore and discover a wide variety of teas and tea-related products. DAVIDsTEA's business model focused not only on traditional in-store sales but also on e-commerce, allowing customers to purchase their teas and accessories online through the davidstea.com website. In addition, the company expanded its presence through wholesale partnerships with grocery stores, pharmacies, and other retailers.[2]

Over the years, DAVIDsTEA grew rapidly, becoming one of the leading specialty tea retailers in North America. It gained popularity for its extensive tea offerings, unique flavor combinations, and commitment to providing a delightful and engaging tea shopping experience. However, like many brick-and-mortar retailers, DAVIDsTEA faced challenges in recent years, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, which led to store closures and financial restructuring. As a result, the company shifted its focus to online sales and wholesale distribution while restructuring its operations.[2]

Proxy Battle[edit]

In 2018, CEO Joel Silver emphasized the need for stability as the struggle for control of the ailing tea retailer reached a critical point. The company had been dealing with a swiftly changing consumer market, unfavorable financial performance, and frequent changes in its management team.[5]

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