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OTC Symbol: CRLFF | OTC Tier: Pink Current | Related ticker symbols: TSX: CJ


Cardinal Energy Ltd. is a company based in Calgary, Canada, which is involved in acquiring, exploring, and producing petroleum and natural gas in the provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan. It was established in 2010.[1]


Cardinal Energy Ltd. was incorporated in 2010 in Canada. The company's origins lie in its establishment as an energy-focused entity with a primary focus on the acquisition, exploration, and production of petroleum and natural gas resources in the provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan. Over the years, Cardinal Energy has grown to become an important player in the Canadian energy industry, contributing to the country's oil and gas sector. As an exploration and production company, Cardinal Energy engages in activities related to the development and extraction of hydrocarbon reserves to meet energy demands. Headquartered in Calgary, a city known for its significant presence in the oil and gas industry, Cardinal Energy operates within one of the major energy hubs in Canada. From its inception, the company has worked to leverage its expertise, technology, and strategic locations to maximize the extraction and utilization of valuable energy resources in the region.[2]

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