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AFC Energy plc is a UK-based company specializing in the development of fuel cell and fuel processing technology, providing a range of fuel cell generator modules, power cubes, and flexible fueling alternatives, along with various support solutions for applications in sectors such as maritime, construction, data centers, outdoor events, EV charging, telecoms, and rail.[1]


AFC Energy plc was incorporated in 2006 in the United Kingdom. The company's origin can be traced back to the early 2000s when the demand for clean and sustainable energy solutions was gaining momentum. As a response to the growing interest in fuel cell technology and its potential applications, AFC Energy was founded with the primary focus of developing fuel cell and fuel processing technologies.AFC Energy set out to develop and commercialize fuel cell solutions for various applications, targeting industries and sectors seeking cleaner and more sustainable power options. Their technology aimed to address challenges related to energy consumption, emissions reduction, and the growing need for reliable power sources.[2]

Over the years, the company continued to advance its fuel cell technology and allied equipment, introducing a range of products such as the S series air-cooled fuel cell generator modules, the H-Power Tower, the S series fuel cell generator, the L series fuel cell generators, and later, the S+ series fuel cell generator modules and power cubes. As the world became more conscious of the importance of transitioning to renewable energy sources, AFC Energy's expertise in fuel cell technology and their ability to provide clean power solutions positioned them as a key player in the renewable energy sector, especially in the United Kingdom. As with any technology-focused company, AFC Energy's journey involved research and development efforts, strategic partnerships, investments, and collaborations to bring its fuel cell products and support solutions to market. Their goal has been to offer sustainable energy solutions to various industries, helping them reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a greener future.[2]


H-Power Tower - S Series fuel cell inside[edit]

The H-Power Tower - S Series fuel cell serves as an excellent alternative to diesel generators, offering up to 10 kW net power, making it well-suited for demonstration, events, and construction sites. With its clean and eco-friendly characteristics, it provides a sustainable option compared to traditional diesel generators. The system can accommodate up to four air-cooled fuel cell modules, all powered by hydrogen, with the option for hydrogen supply on request. Despite its powerful performance, the H-Power Tower - S Series maintains a compact footprint, boasting dimensions similar to a 'phone-box' size and featuring a rugged enclosure designed for outdoor use. Its forklift portability adds to its convenience. Setting up and operating the system is hassle-free, making it accessible to various users. Additionally, users can choose from different power configurations, including 230 VAC (50Hz), 415V AC 3-Phase, and a type 2 AC EV Charger. The fuel cell is also compatible with hydrogen derived from carrier fuels, further enhancing its versatility and eco-friendliness.[3]

L Series fuel cell generator[edit]

The L Series fuel cell generator offers a robust and reliable solution, providing up to 40 kW of power. It has been successfully deployed for Extreme E and Urban Airport projects. The generator features the innovative Hydrox-cell L Series fuel cell technology housed in a 10-foot shipping container, designed to withstand outdoor conditions with its rugged enclosure. Powered by hydrogen, this fuel cell has proven its performance in various challenging environments, including hot, cold, and dusty conditions. Additionally, our field service team provides on-site support for seamless operations. For added flexibility, users have the option to include battery energy storage as an optional extra, enhancing its capabilities and adaptability.[3]

H-Power Generator - S series fuel cell inside[edit]

The H-Power Generator - S series is a highly capable and compact power solution, featuring a powerful modular design. Its power output is scalable, starting at 30 kW, making it suitable for various applications. The generator incorporates the efficient S Series air-cooled fuel cell technology, ensuring optimal performance. Its design allows for easy integration into different setups, and its modular construction enables effortless maintenance and component replacement. As a fully self-contained power generation unit, it operates efficiently without external dependencies. Powered by hydrogen, it is also compatible with hydrogen converted from carrier fuels, offering flexibility in fuel sources. Additionally, the generator can be operated in conjunction with a 45 kWh battery (50 kVA), further enhancing its versatility and ensuring continuous power supply even in fluctuating conditions.[3]

H-Power Generator - S+ series fuel cell inside[edit]

The H-Power Generator - S+ series boasts a high-power alternative to traditional diesel generators, providing an impressive 200 kW net High-Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) power output. Equipped with a liquid-cooled S+ series fuel cell, it efficiently delivers substantial power within a compact footprint. Its rugged enclosure ensures durability and suitability for outdoor usage. Installing, setting up, and operating the generator is straightforward and user-friendly. Powered by hydrogen, it can also seamlessly accommodate hydrogen converted from carrier fuels, allowing for versatility in fuel sources. Moreover, the generator is compatible with battery storage solutions, further enhancing its capability to supply continuous and reliable power when needed.[3]

Ammonia cracker - ammonia to hydrogen solution[edit]

The Ammonia cracker presents an innovative solution for converting ammonia into hydrogen, offering a scalable and flexible fuelling technology platform. It proves highly efficient in the conversion process, making it ideal for various industrial applications, including maritime use. Its modular and scalable design enables easy implementation and adjustment according to specific needs. By providing lower-cost hydrogen on-site, it offers economic advantages. Additionally, the technology is compatible with purification and compression systems for efficient H2 refueling. Whether as a standalone product or integrated into existing technologies, the Ammonia cracker showcases its versatility and adaptability for diverse hydrogen production applications.[3]

Methanol Fuel Tower - methanol to hydrogen solution[edit]

The Methanol Fuel Tower introduces a versatile fuelling technology solution that efficiently converts carrier fuel methanol into hydrogen. The methanol reformer technology housed within the system ensures the production of hydrogen at purity levels suitable for fuel cells' efficient operation. The Methanol Fuel Tower is available as a stand-alone unit or can be integrated into the 'power from methanol' system when combined with the H-Power Tower. The prototype unit has undergone rigorous lab and field testing, successfully demonstrating its ability to generate power from methanol. Utilizing methanol as a carrier fuel offers a cost-effective alternative to the bulkier storage and transportation of hydrogen. This technology is particularly well-suited for applications that require higher power output, such as shipping and construction industries.[3]



AFC Energy formed a strategic partnership with ABB, a global leader in electrification and digitalization technologies operating across more than 100 countries. The collaboration aims to develop the next generation of high-power electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions. Given the projected growth of the global EV charging market, which is expected to surpass US$140 billion by 2030, this partnership will play a crucial role in establishing the necessary charging infrastructure worldwide. The joint effort aimed to deliver secure, efficient, flexible, and reliable local power supplies with zero emissions.[4]

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