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Chorus Aviation Inc., operating through its subsidiaries, offers comprehensive aviation solutions in both the United States and Canada, with two primary segments: Regional Aviation Services providing contract flying, charter services, aircraft leasing, maintenance, repair, and overhaul services, and Regional Aircraft Leasing engaging in asset management and lease services for aircraft operators; additionally, the company provides aeronautical products, avionics repair support services, in-house design and certification services, and technical support, having been previously known as Jazz Air Income Fund and founded in 2005, with its headquarters in Dartmouth, Canada.[1]


Chorus Aviation Inc. has its roots in Jazz Air Income Fund, which was established in 2005 as an income trust in Canada.[2] The purpose of the income trust was to serve as the parent company for Jazz Aviation LP, a regional airline based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and a subsidiary of the trust. Jazz Aviation LP, formerly known as Jazz Air, was originally founded in 2001 when Air Canada (the country's largest airline) decided to spin off its regional operations into a separate entity. As a result, Jazz Aviation LP became a regional feeder airline for Air Canada, operating under the brand name "Air Canada Jazz." The airline played a crucial role in providing regional air travel services, connecting smaller communities to larger hubs within Canada and the United States.[3] In 2010, the income trust structure was converted into a corporation, and the entity was renamed Chorus Aviation Inc. This conversion was in response to changes in Canadian tax laws, which affected the viability of the income trust model.[4] As Chorus Aviation Inc., the company continued its operations as a regional airline and expanded its business to include various aviation-related services. The company operates through two main segments: Regional Aviation Services and Regional Aircraft Leasing, offering a wide range of aviation solutions in both the United States and Canada.[5]



Falko Regional Aircraft is an asset manager and lessor exclusively for regional aircraft, and the company oversees investments for third-party fund investors.[6]

Jazz Aviation[edit]

Jazz Aviation is a well-known regional carrier in Canada, and is the exclusive provider of regional flight services under the Air Canada Express banner.[6] The airline maintains a fleet of 35 CRJ 900's, 15 CRJ 200's, 39 DASH 8-400's and 25 E175's[7] and has flights to over sixteen cities in Canada and the United States.[8]

Voyageur Aviation[edit]

Voyageur Aviation is a prominent provider of specialized charter services, aircraft modifications, parts supply, and ongoing support services.[6]

Cygnet Aviation Academy[edit]

Cygnet Aviation Academy is recognized as a top-notch accredited training institution which prepares pilots for immediate integration into airline operations.[6]

Financial Performance[edit]

Financial performance for Chorus Aviation:[9] {| class="wikitable" |Year Ending |Total Revenue |Net Income |Total Liabilities |Cash Balance |- |12/31/2022 |$1,595,804,000 |$48,890,000 |$2,787,486,000 |$100,027,000 |- |12/31/2021 |$1,023,275,000 |($20,485,000) |$2,490,048,000 |$123,573,000 |- |12/31/2020 |$948,721,000 |$41,486,000 |$2,696,343,000 |$165,717,000 |- |12/31/2019 |$1,366,447,000 |$133,160,000 |$2,340,701,000 |$87,167,000 |}

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