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Else Nutrition Holdings Inc (OTC: BABYF, TSX: BABY) is an infant nutrition company that primarily sells plant-based dairy & soy-free baby formula alternative to cow milk. The foundation of Else can be traced back to 2005 with a crucial need for a healthy alternative to dairy and highly processed baby nutrition. Being strong supporters of plant-based nutrition, the founders desired to create a formula that would be free from soy, dairy, harsh chemicals, ultra-processing, and meet the highest standards for infant nutrition. Thus, Else Nutrition Holdings was born. Currently, Else Nutrition has 6 products that include toddler formula and a line of kids complete nutrition shakes. All of Else Nutrition products have received the Clean Label Purity Award Certification that tests products for over 400 contaminants to ensure children received the highest purity, and cleanest nutrition. The company aims to be at the forefront of the plant-based infant and kid’s nutrition space.[1]

Else Nutrition Holdings is listed on various exchanges such as TSX (Canada), OTCQX (America), and FSE Exchange (Germany). The company uplisted to the TSX exchange in January 2022.[2]


The baby formula developed by Else is the world’s first 100% plant-based, non-dairy, non-soy formula made mainly out of almonds, buckwheat and tapioca. The company has been granted patents for infant and toddler applications in 22 countries such as the USA, Canada, India, and many more. Else Nutrition plans to venture into new segments such as Toddlers, Kids, Healthy Adults, and Adults with special dietary requirements. Some of the future products that the company plans to develop are chips, snacks, pasta, vegan yogurt, meat/chicken replacements, and plant-based whole meal cheese.[3]

Plant-Based Infant Formula[edit]

On Feb 22, 2022, Else Nutritional Holdings announced they concluded a successful preclinical study on its Plant-Based infant formula, on the pathway to bring its formulation to market. This marks a key first step on the path to demonstrate the safety and nutrient bioavailability of the Else infant formula. The study results demonstrated proper growth similar to dairy-based infant formula, in a neonatal preclinical model. “This is a massive step forward for the Company,” said Hamutal Yitzhak, CEO & Co-Founder of Else Nutrition. “Since inception, our vision has been to fill this major gap in the market, and to bring a clean label whole-food, plant-based, soy-free infant formula to millions of families worldwide. These results mark further validation of our formulation, as we continue to push ahead in seeking FDA approval.”[4]

Else™ Toddler Omega[edit]

On March 22, 2022, Else Nutritional Holdings announced the launch of Else™ Toddler Omega complete & balanced nutrition drink in the coming weeks on Amazon.com followed by the company’s e-store and select retail outlets. Else™ Toddler Omega is a complete and balanced plant-based, clean-label, non-GMO, soy-free, gluten-free, non-organic nutritional drink for toddlers aged 12-36 months. It is designed to support a toddler’s growth and development, as well as promote natural digestion, through its combination of whole food ingredients: almond, buckwheat, and tapioca. The product has also received the Clean Label Purity Award Certification.[5]

Super Cereal[edit]

In May 2022 Else announced the launch of Super Cereal for babies six months and older. Super Cereal was awarded the Clean Label Project Purity Award, which tests for impurities, metals, and toxins.[6]


Else Nutrition sells their products through various channels such as Amazon, Company e-Store, and Retail. [3]

In July, 2023, the company extended its presence in the Midwest market through a collaboration with Schnucks, a prominent supermarket chain in the region. The product, Else Toddler Organic 22oz, can now be found on the shelves of approximately 110 Schnucks locations across Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin.[7]


July 10, 2023[edit]

ELSE Nutrition Holdings exercised its option to raise the principal amount of its convertible security by an additional US$3 million under the convertible security funding agreement with Lind Global Fund II LP. Lind Global Fund II LP is managed by The Lind Partners, LLC, an institutional fund manager based in New York, and is collectively referred to as "Lind." After subtracting the original issue discount and closing fees, this move will generate extra net proceeds of US$2,420,012. Consequently, the face value of the convertible security has increased from US$5.1 million to US$8.1 million. As part of this increase, the Company has issued 3,591,776 common share purchase warrants. These warrants entitle the holder to purchase common shares in the Company's capital for a duration of 48 months from the date of issuance. The exercise price for each common share is C$0.9058.[8]

Leadership Team[edit]

The leadership team at Else Nutrition Holdings includes Hamutal Yitzkah (Co-Founder, Director & CEO), Uriel Kesler (Co-Founder, Director & COO), and Michael Azar (Co-Founder & CTO). The leadership team at Else Nutrition Holdings is a group of well-seasoned executives with years of experience in the Infant Nutrition Industry and technical expertise in their respective domains.[9]

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