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OTC Symbol: WNRS | OTC Tier: Pink Current


Winners Inc. (OTC: WNRS) is a publicly traded company that operates through its subsidiary VegasWINNERS, Inc. VegasWinners provides sports gaming information, analysis, advice, and predictions services. The company provides analysis, and handicapping advice, and analyzes and predicts sports event winners for sports bettors. The company caters to sports fans, both major bettors and newcomers in the betting landscape. The company was incorporated in 2018 and is based in Henderson, Nevada."[1] It seems as though the company was originally called GoooGreen and changed its name to Winners Inc in December of 2020, however, there is no official press release announcing the name change. The ticker symbol changed from GOOOD to WRNS on January 6, 2021.[2]


The company is focused on providing sports betting enthusiasts with actionable information, analysis, and handicapping services to help them make more informed wagers. VegasWINNERS provides its clients with picks, predictions, and insights from a team of experienced handicappers, who have a proven track record of success in the sports betting industry. The company's services are offered through a subscription-based model, which allows customers to access the information and insights they need to make more profitable wagers.

In addition to its sports handicapping services, Winners Inc. is also involved in the development of mobile sports betting applications. The company has partnered with some of the leading technology providers in the industry to develop mobile betting platforms that are user-friendly, secure, and reliable.

On April 20, 2021 the company received its first sports wagering certificate of registration, which was issued by the state of Indiana.[3]

Advisory Board[edit]

The advisory board includes World Champion poker player Phil Hellmuth, multi-million dollar winning poker player Phil Gordon, online gaming executive Todd Kobrin, and professional poker player Mike Matusow.[4]

Website Launch[edit]

On November 5, 2020 the company announced the launch of its newly designed website. According to the press release, "The redesigned website features a streamlined design and improved functionality. Enriched content areas will help both current and prospective clients realize the value of VegasWINNERS information, data, analysis, guidance, and professional handicapping advice provided by its stable of respected and well-known sports handicappers to aid in their sports gambling decision-making process".[5]


On April 22, 2021 the company announced that comedian and TV host Frank Nicotero will co-host a podcast along with CEO Wayne Allyn Root and Angelica Bridges.[6] The podcast guests have included Pete Rose, Ron Jaworski, Rick Mahorn, Sean Salisbury, Doug Gootlieb, Mitch Williams, Jim Leyritz, and Willie Randolph.

Financial Performance[edit]

Financial performance shown below is based on company filings as reported by OTC Markets.[7]

Year Ending Revenue Net Income Cash Balance
12/31/2021 $27,000 ($3,290,000) $871,000
12/31/2020 $17,000 ($1,202,000) $218,000
12/31/2019 $7,000 ($147,000) $0
12/31/2018 $25,000 ($8,000) $9,000

Stock Purchase Agreement[edit]

On August 3, 2021 ClickStream Corp. announced that it had extended its option to acquire 149,012,000 shares of Winners, Inc. common stock from Winners CEO Tom Terwilliger to August 31st, 2021.[8]

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