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OTC Symbol: WDLF | OTC Tier: Pink Current


Social Life Newtworks (OTC: WDLF) operates Decentral Life, which is a technology incubator focused on operating social media and blockchain companies.[1]

According to the company presentation, WDLF seeks to create shareholder value through licensing fees from its technology, as well as taking an equity stake in the networks that its technology powers. The technology includes both social networking and ecommerce features. The technology was launched in 2013 with, and followed shortly thereafter in 2014. Additional social network marketplaces have been launched each year since. The company also provides non-custodial corporate crypto wallets which provide customizable secure digital asset custody.[2]


In January, 2022 Social Life Networks began operating a global decentralized social network under the name Decentral Life. A DBA was filed to operate under this name in the state of Nevada. On January 28th, 2022 Decentral Life launched its Initial Coin Offering for their WDLF token, as the result of a project which was launched in August of the prior year.[3]

WDLF Token[edit]

WDLF tokens can be earned by joining and participating in Decentral Life’s social and emarketing networks. As of 11/1/2022, 2.2 billion tokens have been mined.[4]

Decetral Life maintains at least 13 social networks. Some examples include:[4]

  • is aimed towards hunting, fishing and camping enthusiastists, and allows them to buy and sell gear, network and share experiences.
  • is for real estate professionals as well as real estate buyers, sellers and renters with the goal of sharing information and learning about the subject.
  • is for golfers and equipment sellers.
  • is geared towards space enthusiasts.

Recent Events[edit]

Hoping to tap into the $350+ billion annual mobile commerce sales, the company announced a QR code application for cryptocurrency payment solutions in May 2022. This app facilitates crypto payments for mobile retailers and tracking in the retailers accounting software.[5]

Crown Bridge Partners[edit]

In April 2020 WDLF filed complaints with multiple U.S. District Courts alleging illegal securities activities.[6]

In August 2022 the Securities Exchange Commission filed a Civil suit against Crown Bridge Partners alleging that Soheil Ahdoot and Sepas Ahdoot acted as securities dealers while not being registered with the SEC as a dealer. Crown Bridge bought convertible debt from approximately 150 companies, converted the debt to new shares and sold the new shares on the open market. The suit alleges that this action is in violation of securities law.[7]


Social Life Networks announced in May 2021 that the company intends to uplist to the New York Stock Exchange. The plan called for a reverse stock split of up to 150 to 1 when the stock was at 5 cents per share.[8] As of November, 2022 the stock split has not occurred and the share price is below 1 cent.

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