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About Reeds Inc[edit]

Reed's, Inc. (OTC: REED) is a company based in the United States that specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of natural beverages. The company's product lineup includes Reed's craft ginger beer, Reed's real ginger ales, Reed's Mules, Reed's Hard Ginger Ale, Reed's ready-to-drink products, and Virgil's handcrafted sodas. These beverages are sold through various channels, including natural food and gourmet retailers, grocery store chains, mass merchants, club stores, convenience stores, drug stores, liquor stores, industrial cafeterias, on-premise bars, and restaurants. Additionally, Reed's, Inc. directly sells its products to consumers through their website,[1]

Originally known as Original Beverage Corporation, the company underwent a name change to Reed's, Inc. in 2001. It was founded in 1987 and has its headquarters in Norwalk, Connecticut.[1] Since 1987, Reed's has been crafting their ginger beer in small batches, staying true to centuries-old traditions. Although they have grown beyond their humble beginnings in a Venice Beach kitchen, they still prioritize the small batch process and ingenuity that makes their ginger beers truly special.[2]


Reeds' recipe uses all-natural ingredients like fresh ginger root, sparkling water, pineapple juice, lemon juice, lime juice, honey, cane sugar, and spices. Their recipe is based on traditional Jamaican style beverages and uses fresh ginger sourced sustainably from the Peruvian Amazon, known for its health benefits and stimulating properties.[2] Many reviews on Amazon claim that Reeds ginger beer is the best on the market, and they enjoy the payer of spice. [3]

  1. Reed's Craft Ginger Beer: This is their flagship product, available in various flavors such as Original, Extra Ginger, and Raspberry. It is made with fresh ginger root, spices, and other natural ingredients, offering a bold and refreshing taste.
  2. Virgil's Handcrafted Sodas: Reed's produces a range of Virgil's Handcrafted Sodas, which are made with high-quality ingredients and without artificial preservatives or sweeteners. Flavors include Root Beer, Cream Soda, Cola, Black Cherry Cream Soda, and Orange Cream Soda.
  3. Reed's Zero Sugar Craft Ginger Beer: This product line offers the same great taste as their original ginger beer but without any added sugar. It is sweetened with a blend of natural sweeteners, allowing individuals to enjoy a sugar-free option.
  4. Reed's Real Ginger Ale: This is a classic ginger ale made with real ginger and other natural flavors. It offers a milder ginger taste compared to their ginger beer.
  5. Reed's Ginger Shots: These are concentrated ginger shots packed with the fiery kick of ginger. They are designed to provide a quick boost of natural energy and can be consumed on their own or added to beverages or recipes.
  6. Reed's Ginger Candies: Reed's produces ginger candies made with real ginger root. These candies are chewy, sweet, and spicy, providing a flavorful and soothing ginger experience.[4]


Reed's broadened its product lineup at Meijer stores in June, 2023. The expanded offering includes Reed's Classic Craft Mule, Reed's Stormy Mule, and Reed's Hard Ginger Ale, all of which contain alcohol. Meijer, a prominent retailer in the Midwest region, will carry these beverages in 180 of its locations across Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Kentucky. This partnership allows customers in these areas to conveniently access Reed's alcoholic ginger beverage options.[5]


In July, 2023, Reed's announced a strategic collaboration with Stockperks, a leading marketplace for engaging retail investors. The main objective of this partnership is to strengthen the bond between Reed's and its devoted community of ginger beer enthusiasts by offering exclusive benefits and rewards through the Stockperks platform. As part of this initiative, shareholders of Reed's will gain access to a range of special perks via the Stockperks app, based on the size of their investment in the company. These perks include a unique Reed's copper mule mug and a complimentary case of Reed's drinks. Furthermore, additional perks will be introduced, such as VIP invitations to exclusive company events and memorable brand experiences. By utilizing the Stockperks platform, Reed's aims to enhance its relationship with retail investors and provide them with valuable rewards and experiences throughout the year.[6]

Financial Performance[edit]

While Reeds has continued to post impressive sales and revenue growth numbers each year, the company continues to post large losses as well.[7] {| class="wikitable" |+ !Year Ending !Total Revenue !Net Income !Cash Balance |- |12/31/2022 |$53,041,000 |($20,057,000) |$533,000 |- |12/31/2021 |$49,599,000 |($16,402,000) |$49,000 |- |12/31/2020 |$41,615,000 |($10,177,000) |$595,000 |- |12/31/2019 |$33,820,000 |($16,112,000) |$913,000 |}

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