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PlantX Life Inc. (OTC: PLTXF) is a Canadian company that operates an e-commerce platform for purchasing plant-based products. The platform aims to create a community of consumers interested in plant-based lifestyles and provides education on the benefits of such a lifestyle. In addition to delivering meals and indoor plants, the company offers a variety of products in categories such as pantry items, beverages, pasta and noodles, granola bars and protein bars, beauty, personal care products, and pet supplies.[1]


PlantX's pantry products include:[2]

  • Baking supplies
  • Canned and packaged foods
  • Cereals and granolas
  • Condiments and dressings
  • Nut butter and fruit spreads
  • Soups and curries

The company's beverage selection includes coffee, creamers, juice, milk, soda, tea, water, and other drinks such as matcha and mate. Pasta and noodles options include beans, nuts, seeds, and other dry goods, brown rice pasta, macaroni and cheese, and traditional noodles. Beauty and personal care products offered by PlantX include bath and body products, body care items, hair care products, skin care products, soap, vitamins, and dietary supplements.[2]


PlantX Life Inc is an online destination for plant-based products and services, including an online store and meal delivery service. The store features over 5,000 vegan products, with over 10,000 plant-based options available. In addition to its meal and indoor plant delivery service, the company plans to expand its product offerings to include cosmetics, clothing, and a water brand. The company also provides a restaurant directory, unique recipes, and a community forum for sharing plant-based ideas with others.[3]

PlantX owns a UK-based e-commerce subsidiary called Bloomboxclub Limited, which sells and delivers indoor plants and plant accessories to its wellness community. Additionally, PlantX operates fully digitized brick-and-mortar retail stores in California and British Columbia, where customers can scan the QR codes of products and pay for them using a smartphone or tablet.[3]

PlantX Brands[edit]

PlantX Life Inc has acquired several brands and companies, including Bloombox Club, an online plant shop that delivers plants to the UK, Ireland, Germany, France, and Austria. The company has also acquired Portfolio Coffee, which aims to help people discover coffee by offering fresh, direct-trade coffee roasted in Canada.[4]

PlantX has also purchased Locavore Bar & Grill, a local favorite in Squamish that started as a food truck and grew into a full-service bar and grill. Attached to the Locavore Bar & Grill is the Cloudburst Café, which serves specialty drinks, treats, snacks, and freshly grilled paninis. Additionally, PlantX has acquired Peter Rubi Market, a plant-based grocery store that offers fresh produce and pantry goods.[4]

Significant Events[edit]

Partnership with The Very Good Food Company Inc.[edit]

PlantX Life Inc, an online destination for plant-based products, has entered into a wholesale distribution agreement with KeHE Distributors to carry its Little West brand of cold-pressed juices. KeHE is a leading wholesale distributor of natural and organic, specialty, and fresh food products in North America, with nearly 70 years of experience. Based in Illinois, KeHE represents over 8,500 brands and serves over 30,000 natural food stores, chain and independent grocery stores, e-commerce retailers, and other specialty product retailers throughout North America.[5][edit]

PlantX Life Inc. announced that it will acquire the online domain and certain associated intellectual property and assets. Vegan Essentials is known for its wide selection of products, fast service, and worldwide shipping, and it has established a strong reputation within the vegan community as an online superstore.[6]


Key leaders of the company are:[7]

  • Sean Dollinger, Founder
  • Lorne Rapkin, CEO
  • Julia Frank, COO
  • Shariq Khan, CFO
  • Alex Hoffman, CMO
  • Ralph Moxness, Director
  • Quinn Field Dyte, Director
  • Peter Simeon, Director
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