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Juva Life Inc. (OTC: JUVAF, CSE: JUVA, FWB:4VV) is involved primarily in the business of cannabis products for medicinal and recreational use. The company follows the vertical integration approach whereby it owns and operates everything from the research and production stage to the distribution and retail operations. Juva Life can monitor product quality and consistency due to complete control over the entire supply chain, which also ensures the legitimacy and accuracy of testing and research data.[1]

The main objective of Juva Life is to unlock the complex chemistry of cannabis to efficiently bring consumer products to market that generate revenue along with deploying their platforms to target consumer and pharma applications. Its shares are listed on 3 exchanges, namely the Toronto Stock Exchange, Over-The-Counter, and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Juva Life wants to play a leadership role in the cannabis industry along with ensuring consistent revenue growth for the long term.[2]

Business Operations[edit]

The business of Juva Life is divided into different divisions: Juva Manufacturing, Juva Cultivation, Juva Distribution, Juva Research, Juva Delivery and Juva Retail.[3] Juva Research has two primary initiatives: conducting patient studies for cannabis products and undertaking clinical research for proprietary cannabis-based molecules and formulations. The research division helps Juva life to develop pharmacy-grade cannabis products that are consistent, rigorously tested and meticulously formulated. Under Juva cultivation, the company cultivates and processes high-quality cannabis for Juva Life’s proprietary lines and white labelling for other licensed California companies. Similarly, Juva Manufacturing creates Juva Life’s in-house brands as well as white-label products for other licensed recreational and medical cannabis companies.

Juva Distribution is involved in the distribution Juva Life’s in-house brands along with products from other licensed cannabis companies. The retail part of Juva Life (Juva Retail) is a network of retail cannabis facilities that serve cities within the State of California. The company has one location in Hayward already approved while a flagship retail location in the heart of the Redwood City Downtown Business District is currently under the works. Juva Delivery operates two cannabis delivery services, one in Redwood City and one in Stockton, through which they offer a broad array of the most trusted, lab-tested products.

By offering its services for white labelling, the company has opened a new source of revenue. In the short term, Juva Life has an aggressive expansion strategy with plans to expand its services throughout California.

Research and Development[edit]

As part of the company's pharmaceutical research and development strategy, Juva Life has been able to move from microgram to 5 gram amounts of its proprietary molecule, JUVA-041. The molecule has the potential to be an anti-inflammatory and the goal of the scale up to to prepare for pre-clinical studies.[4]

Management Team[edit]

The leadership and management team at Juva Life includes Doug Chloupek (Founder, CEO & Chairman), Mat Lee (CFO), Neil Ruditsky (COO), Kari Gothie (Director, VP - Finance & Administration) and Sanjeev Gangwar (VP – Chemistry). Juva Life also has a team of medical/science advisors with medical qualifications and industry experience that guide the company in the research and medicinal applications of cannabis. [5]

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