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HPQ Silicon Inc. (TSXV: HPQ) and OTC: HPQFF), along with its subsidiary companies, offers silica and silicon-related solutions within Canada. The company is actively working on developing a range of silicon and silica products, with a primary focus on serving battery and electric vehicle manufacturers, as well as applications related to hydrogen. Additionally, HPQ Silicon Inc. is involved in producing carbon particles for use in capacitors.[1]

Moreover, the company is engaged in the development of two specific technologies: the PUREVAP Quartz Reduction Reactors, designed to convert quartz into silicon metal, and the PUREVAP Nano Silicon Reactors, aimed at producing nano silicon materials from silicon chunks. HPQ Silicon Inc. is also working on a plasma-based process that enables the direct transformation of quartz into fumed silica. Furthermore, they have plans for the construction of a production line for micron-sized silicon-based battery materials.[1]

Previously known as HPQ-Silicon Resources Inc., the company underwent a name change in July 2022 to become HPQ Silicon Inc. It was originally established in 1996 and has its headquarters located in Montreal, Canada.[1]


Silicon is the second most abundant element in the earth’s crust but is quite expensive to extract and requires a lot of processing to reach the final product. The silicon products offered by HPQ Silicon Resources have applications in various industries such as pharmaceuticals, electric vehicle manufacturers, agriculture, constructions, adhesives, and many more. The focus of the company is to become the lowest-cost producer of Silicon (Si), High Purity Silicon (Si), Porous Silicon Wafers and Solar Grade Silicon Metal (SoG-Si).[2]

The product line of the company includes High Purity Silicon Material, Green Metallurgically Produced Solar Grade Silicon Metal (SoGSi), Silicon Nano and Micro powders and Nanowires & Fumed Silica. The company has various patents under process such as the PUREVAP™ Quartz Reduction Reactor (QRR), (Patent Pending) a new carbothermic process to transform Quartz into Silicon, and the PUREVAP™ Nano Silicon (Si) Reactor (NSiR), (Provisional Patent applied) a new process to transform Silicon (Si) into Spherical Nano powders and Nano wires for Lithium-ion batteries. Most technologies used by the company are protected through patent applications.[3]


The leadership team at HPQ Silicon Resources has Bernard J Tourillon as the Chairman, President, CEO, and Director. Mr Tourillon has been a part of HPQ Silicon since 2006 and has played a vital role in the transformation of the company. He was also instrumental in securing a partnership with PyroGenesis, a world leader in plasma technology.[4]


PyroGenesis Canada Inc.[edit]

HPQ Silicon Resources has entered into a strategic partnership with PyroGenesis Canada Inc., a high-tech company that works on plasma-based processes. This partnership has enabled HPQ to develop two new innovative plasma-based processes which will permit the low-cost manufacturing of High Purity Silicon Metal, spherical Nano-powders, and Nanowires. HPQ is also working with industry leader Apollon Solar of France to produce commercially porous silicon (Si) wafers and porous silicon (Si) powders. Through this partnership, HPQ has become the lowest-cost producer of porous silicon wafers for all-solid-state batteries and porous silicon powders for Li-ion batteries.[2]

EBH2 Systems SA[edit]

On September 29, 2021, HPQ Silicon Resources received approval from TSX Venture Exchange regarding their transaction with EBH2 Systems SA. EBH2 is a Swiss company that possesses a proprietary low-cost electrolysis technology that can extract Green Hydrogen from virtually any water source including salt water. By partnering with EBH2, HPQ aims to produce the greenest silicon materials along with cheap green hydrogen that has a rising demand. This partnership offers opens up new target addressable markets and offers an additional source of revenue to HPQ Silicon Resources.[5]


HPQ Silicon Resources has a patent for their PUREVAPTM Quart Reduction Reactor (QRR) process. The process is claimed to requires 25% less raw material and a cost advantage of 20% versus the lowest cost traditional Silicon producer.[6]


HPQ's French affiliate NOVACIUM SAS received a grant of € 90,000 in November, 2023 from the government of France. According to the press release, "Novacium's project proposal to BPI concentrated on enhancing the entire value chain of highly engineered SiOx-based anode materials for batteries."[7]

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