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About Jones Soda[edit]

Jones Soda Co (OTC: JSDA, CSX: JSDA) is a premium soda company that was started in Vancouver in 1995 from the vision of founder, Peter van Stolk, and photographer/designer Victor John Penner. The initial idea was to incorporate random photographs on the bottles using shots taken by Penner. However, when consumers began submitting their own photos, the user participation made the brand even more special. This strategy is used by the company even today and offers them a unique differentiation and competitive advantage. Jones Soda products are made with pure cane sugar and the unique packaging allows them to be recognized as a premium product. The Jones portfolio includes Jones Pure Cane Soda, Jones Sugar-Free, Jones Cane Sugar Fountain products and sister brand Lemoncocco.[1]

Initially, Jones Soda started out as a distributor of other companies' beverages, but in 1995, the company began producing its own line of soda pop. The first flavors were lemon-lime, orange, and raspberry, and they were sold in glass bottles with the company's logo on the label. In 1996, the company introduced its first specialty flavors, including Cherry Cola and Blue Bubblegum, which quickly gained popularity among young people. Jones Soda has continued to innovate with new flavors, including seasonal offerings like Turkey & Gravy Soda for Thanksgiving and Candy Corn Soda for Halloween. The company has also expanded its product line to include energy drinks, teas, and lemonades.[2]


Jones Pure Cane Soda

Jones Sugar-Free

Jones Cane Sugar Fountain Products


Lemoncocco is a non-carbonated beverage inspired by the iconic beverage stands in Rome.


On March 11 2022, Jones Soda Co announced that they would be launching a line of cannabis-infused sodas, syrups and gummies under a new brand, Mary Jones. Experts consider this a bold step by the company but believe that due to its small size, the company can take risks where larger rivals such as Coca-Cola and PepsiCo are shy to try.  “We’re a small player in soda, but we’re going to be the biggest national player when it comes to a recognizable [consumer-packaged goods] name in cannabis,” Jones Soda marketing chief Bob Blair said in an interview. The new product line is initially planned to launch in California with plans to bring Mary Jones to all states where cannabis use is legal.[3]

JSDA Stock - Jones Soda Co
JSDA Stock - Jones Soda Co

Marketing and Promotion[edit]

On March 22 2022, Jones Soda Co released a new collection of augmented reality (AR) labels that turn into short action videos of daredevil athletes, edgy artists and other masters of their preferred crafts with a tap on a phone camera. The AR label appears on 1.5 million bottles spanning five top-selling soda flavors, marking this the brand's third AR series since launching last July. "Our labels have always been a vital part of the brand, so we're continually looking for new ways to use them as a canvas to engage and expand our fan base," said Bohb Blair, Chief Marketing Officer at Jones Soda. Jones Soda has focused on building user interaction through its labelling since inception with the AR Filter providing a new way for the company to interact with customers in today’s digital age.[4]

One of the unique aspects of Jones Soda is its use of customer-submitted photos on its labels. The company has held contests where customers can submit photos for a chance to have them featured on a limited-edition label. The photos are often quirky and unusual, which has helped to create a loyal following for the brand.[5]

Manufacturing and Distribution[edit]

Jones Soda distributes its products in North America, Europe, and Asia. ZipCity, a subsidiary of Jones Soda, distributes to retailer outlets and food service companies in the Seattle area.[6]

Manufacturing is outsourced to third-party contract manufacturers with primary distribution in the United States and Canada along with selected international markets. The products are sold in grocery stores, convenience and gas stores, fountains in restaurants, sandwich shops and burger restaurants, as well as through national accounts with several large retailers. The company competes against all non-alcoholic beverages and faces competition from large companies with greater financial resources. To remain competitive, Jones Soda Co, from time to time develops and introduces new products along with ensuring quality.[7]


The leadership team at Jones Soda Co includes Mark Murray (President & CEO), Eric Chastain (President & COO), Bob Blair (CMO), Dan Buchanan (VP- Sales) and Joe Culp (Principal Accounting Officer. The team at Jones Soda Co includes a mix of experienced executives with technical expertise in their domains along with new talent that allows them to be at the forefront of innovation.[8]

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