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Endexx Corp. (OTC: EDXC) is a diversified holding company that engages in plant-based nutraceuticals and emerging technologies. The company manufactures and sells cannabidiol (CBD)-based products to the health and wellness market. Its product portfolio includes CBD creams, oils, capsules, extracts, topicals, drinks, chocolates, and pet products. The firm also provides hemp-derived health and beauty care products that support the therapeutic relief of pain and inflammation for humans and pets through cbdunlimited.com, its e-commerce site, as well as other online and in-store retailers. The firm operates both domestically and internationally via different divisions: M3Hub Technology, CBD Unlimited, and Project Canopy. Endexx Corp. was founded in September 1997. It was formerly called CBD Unlimited before changing its name to Endexx Corporation in May 2020. The company is headquartered in Cave Creek, Arizona.[1]

Business Operations[edit]

Endexx is focused on the formulation and development of high-end products to improve life. The company employs science and compliance in the development of its products. CBD Unlimited is the company’s key brand. CBD Unlimited, Endexx’s subsidiary created in 2014, has been a key developer of Hemp-Derived products, each uniquely designed to address vital segments of the health and wellness market. The company, through its subsidiaries and strategic partners, produces and distributes high-end CBD oils, topicals, capsules, snacks, and beverages. The firm distributes its PhytoBites brand for cats and dogs in the Animal sciences. The firm’s products support the therapeutic relief of pain and inflammation for humans and pets. The pipeline is accessible through www.cbdunlimited.com, its e-commerce site, and other online and in-store retailers. The company is also actively involved in joint-venture operations with strategic partners in the entertainment, marketing, and distribution arenas. The company has over the past years invested in profitable acquisitions to help drive its revenues up.[2]

In addition to its consumer products, Endexx’s Gorilla-Tek state-of-the-art automated dispensing system provides a secure method of distributing hemp-based products pipeline. The firm also owns and runs a substantial number of subsidiaries that offer technology and consulting services to the hemp and hemp-derived market, including Seed-to-Shelf compliance and inventory tracking and process management system for regulated products ahead of counter pharmacy support platforms.[3]

A Brief History of the company[edit]

Endexx was incorporated in Nevada state on September 5, 1997, as Micron Solutions to seal a merger with Shillelagh. In November 1997, Shillelagh merged with and into Micron Solutions, with Micron Solutions as the surviving entity. Micron Solutions entered into an Exchange Agreement with PanaMed, Inc., and all of its shareholders in 2002, which led to PanaMed, Inc. becoming the company’s wholly-owned subsidiary. Micron also changed its name to PanaMed Corporation as a result. The company, in June 2005, filed a Certificate of Amendment to Articles of Incorporation with the Secretary of State of the State of Nevada to change its name to Endexx Corporation. PanaMed Corporation acquired VBB and SaaS provider in September 2005. The firm operated as a diversified technology and SaaS and compliance and tracking systems company, until August 2014 when its attention shifted to the hemp-derived product industry. The company changed its name to CBD Unlimited, Inc., in October 2018, and back to Endexx Corporation in May 2020, with CBD Unlimited, Inc., becoming the firm’s wholly-owned subsidiary.[4]

Marketing, Sales and Distribution[edit]

The company made significant advancements in the Marketing and Distribution sectors to boost its position in the market for 2023 as highlighted in its fourth-quarter fiscal achievements. The highlights include:

  • The company managed to introduce Blesswel men’s skincare line to target stores, expanding its product availability in four of the top eight retailers in the United States in over 8000 mass retail stores countrywide.
  • Amazon’s distribution of the Blessed product traversed the United States' borders to more than 13 new countries, including Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.
  • The company boosted its balance sheet by entering into a strategic settlement, lock-up, and leak-out agreements with its Historic Investors to exchange its pre-acquisition Convertible Note and Warrants with replacement simple Promissory Notes.[5]

Agreement with HYLA UK Holdco Limited[edit]

Effective August 31, 2022, Endexx Corp. and EH Sub Inc., closed a control acquisition agreement with HYLA UK Holdco Limited, a United Kingdom limited company. HYLA produces and distributes organic, plant-based, all-natural, zero-nicotine vape products, each containing a natural guarana extract blended with proprietary botanical formulas. The company’s product portfolio is CE approved and carries the Underwriters Laboratories global safety certification. The institution launched its product pipeline in October 2021, clearing its debut stock of 140, 000 devices the next month.[6]

Purchase Order from Sahara Trading UAE[edit]

Endexx obtained a $2.0 million order for its nicotine-free vape item, HYLA, from Sahara Trading UAE. This order signifies the commencement of an agreement spanning eight countries with Sahara Trading UAE within the broader "Middle East Territories" as of June 2023. Production for this initial order is slated to begin by week's end, with the inaugural deliveries set for September 2023.[7]

Financial Performance[edit]

Financial performance for Endexx Corp.:[8]

Year Ending Total Revenue Net Income Earnings per Share Total Liabilities Cash Balance
9/30/2022 $2,138,000 ($4,884,000) ($0.01) $22,711,000 $656,000
9/30/2021 $650,000 ($6,808,000) ($0.01) $11,747,000 $20,000
9/30/2020 $1,149,000 ($9,163,000) ($0.02) $13,582,000 $4,000
9/30/2019 $1,110,000 ($8,276,000) ($0.02) $7,717,000 $36,000


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