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According to the company website, Advanced Materials (OTC: CDTI) develops technology and materials for myriad catalyst markets including emissions, industrial and electrocatalyst applications.  With market leading expertise in catalyst design, engineering, coating and testing, which is applicable to both combustion based technology and green energy use and storage. We uniquely develop technology and materials that incorporate engineered base metals to support and enhance catalytic performance. The scientific application of CDTi advanced materials results in stable, robust performance and reduction in the use of costly platinum group metals.[1]

In March 2016 the company announced the following operational highlights:[2]

  • Signed Panasonic Ecology Systems Co., Ltd., in November 2015 and began shipments in the first quarter of 2016. This is the first commercial agreement using CDTi's proprietary synergized-platinum group metal (SPGM™) diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) technology for China's heavy-duty retrofit market.
  • Partnered with Hino Motors, Ltd., the fourth largest truck dealership network in the US, adding more than 300 dealerships in North America. Combined with the new relationship with Paccar, the third largest truck dealership
  • network in the US, DuraFit is now available in more than 1,000 distribution locations, reflecting continued traction in this key growth market.
  • Completed initial vehicle testing for next generation Spinel™ SPGM technology, advancing toward commercialization.
  • Reduced operating expenses by rationalizing corporate functions, outsourcing lower value manufacturing and closing the Markham, Ontario facility.
  • Implemented additional round of cost reductions in the first quarter of 2016, demonstrating commitment to driving

In March 2017 the company announced the following business highlights:[3]

  • Powder-to-coat commercial launch in China
  • Formed strategic alliance with Sino-Precious Metals Holding Co., Ltd. (SPMH), one of China's largest domestic catalyst coaters for the China passenger car market
  • Entered commercial agreements for supply of BMARS™ and SPGM™ DOC powder with three domestic catalyst manufacturers
  • Initial revenue anticipated in Q4 2017
  • Solutions provider for private label product lines in North American heavy-duty market
  • DENSO launched a new line of private label heavy-duty diesel emissions control aftermarket products featuring CDTi's Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) technology
  • Signed private label supply agreements with two new manufacturing and distribution partners that will introduce DPF and DOC product lines profitable growth.

In April 2017 the company stated: "Our primary focus in 2018 will be to pursue commercialization opportunities for our Powder-to-Coat (P2C™) technology in current vehicle programs, be they 2-wheel, passenger cars or commercial, that are the most immediate revenue opportunities for our advanced emission control technology. As we lay the foundation for cost-effective, global product delivery, a key part of our strategy is securing local production capability in India or China. In parallel, and in partnership with leading automotive industry and institutional partners, we are engaged in fundamental catalyst design projects with world-wide applications that have the potential to alter catalyst architecture to significantly reduce cost.”[4]

In March 2018 the company announced a name change from CDTi to CDTi Advanced Materials.[5]

In August 2019 the company stated: "“In order to drive cash-generative revenue growth, we have reprioritized our business development initiatives to focus on licensing opportunities that allow us to leverage our existing technology investment without committing additional capital resources. By emphasizing projects that feature our proven diesel emissions catalyst technology we have created a potential near-term licensing revenue pipeline. We continue to believe that our Spinel technology offers the greatest long-term revenue growth potential and have therefore targeted licensing opportunities with global advanced materials manufacturing partners that service the automotive market and can drive application of Spinel into new markets.”[6]

In April 2021 the company stated: "Although emission catalysts will continue to provide a solid base of revenue over the near term, CDTi is positioning itself to participate in markets created by massive global investment in battery and fuel cellsas well as hydrogen production technology. Our zero and low-PGM catalyst technology is highly relevant in these markets as is our high temperature catalyst coating capability. We have completed proof of concept work on electrocatalyst applications of our technology and have begun product development with an initial focus on metal air batteries. We have also made great progress in applying our catalyst design and coating expertise to hydrogen production initiatives with highly promising development projects expected to gain momentum during the balance of 2021."[7]

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