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About Gratomic[edit]

Gratomic (OTCQX: CBULF, TSXV: GRAT) is a global company with operations in Namibia, Brazil, and Canada. They are one of the largest suppliers of graphite in the world and aspires to gain a significant place in the EV battery supply chain. They are graphite experts and executives who have extensive experience operating in Namibia, including CEO and President Arno Brand, who has worked on large-scale African construction and mining projects for over 12 years. They have leading businesses in Graphite mining and commercialization, including graphite foil and lithium-ion batteries.

Gratomic Inc Projects[edit]

Aukam Graphite Project[edit]

Gratomic holds a 100% interest[1] in the Aukam Graphite Project is located near Luderitz, Namibia's coastal metropolis ,and encompasses a graphite mine with a history dating back to 1940, There are five adits and an open pit on the site. Samples have been assayed and averaged 42% Carbon as graphite (Cg).[2] Several high-end applications have been tested using Aukam graphite, including nano-engineered graphenes, due to its high purity and low processing requirements. Furthermore, it is ideal for batteries.[3]

Buckingham Graphite[edit]

The Buckingham property, in which the company owns a 100% interest,[1] is situated in the Central Metasedimentary Belt of the Grenville Geologic Province. The geological composition includes paragneiss and marble, accompanied by pegmatite and amphibolite. Graphite mineralization is found primarily in two main zones: the Case Zone and the Uncle Zone. Within these zones, graphite is distributed in paragneiss and marble, as well as in veins and masses within pegmatite and skarn formations.[2]

Capim Grosso[edit]

Capim Grosso is located in the central-eastern region of the Bahia province, approximately 280km from the port of Salvador, the provincial capital, and 166km from Feira de Santana, the province's second largest city. The city benefits from grid power and water access, which extends to rural areas, and it is connected to the capital and neighboring cities via paved roads. Various options for accommodations and dining are available within the town.[2]

Jacobina and Igrapiuna[edit]

The Jacobina and Igrapiuna graphite projects are are similar to the Capim Grosso graphite project in that they have a similar location and geological footprint.[2]

Financial Performance[edit]

Financial performance for CBULF[4]

Year Ending Revenue Net Income Earnings per Share Total Liabilities Ending Cash
2022 $0 ($6,020,000) ($0.04) $2,625,000 $185,000
2021 $0 ($16,872,000) ($0.12) $775,000 $790,000
2020 $0 ($2,859,000) ($.05) $2,374,000 $865,000
2019 $0 ($2,501,000) ($.07) $2,132,000 $980,000

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