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About Galaxy Digital Holdings[edit]

Galaxy Digital Holdings Ltd., an asset management firm, operates in the digital asset, cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology industry through five segments: Trading, Principal Investments, Asset Management, Investment Banking, and Mining. The company provides spot and derivative executions, liquidity to institutional clients and counterparties in cryptocurrencies, and access to traded cryptocurrencies through various service offerings, including OTC spot and on-exchange liquidity provision, OTC options and trading, and bespoke lending and structured products. Additionally, it engages in proprietary trading strategies and manages third-party capital across traditional asset classes, offers financial advisory services, and manages portfolios of private investments across the digital assets industry. Galaxy Digital Holdings Ltd. is based in New York, New York.[1]


The origin of Galaxy Digital can be traced back to Found Michael Novogratz's vision of creating a comprehensive platform that could bridge the traditional finance world with the evolving digital asset market. The company aimed to provide institutional investors and high-net-worth individuals with access to various cryptocurrency-related products and services, as well as investment opportunities in the blockchain sector. Galaxy went public in 2018 through a reverse merger with a Canadian shell company, which allowed it to be listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol GLXY. This move provided Galaxy Digital with increased visibility and access to public capital markets.[2]



Galaxy provides expert-level services tailored for institutions, encompassing a wide variety of digital asset offerings. This includes digital asset trading, derivatives, specialized products, funding solutions, capital market services, and advice on mergers and acquisitions.[3]

Asset Management[edit]

Individual asset and mixed funds offer access to both well-established digital assets and up-and-coming trends. Active funds are overseen by cryptocurrency specialists who have a deep background in conventional markets. Investments that are indifferent to the stage encompass protocols, scaling strategies, DeFi, and web3 frameworks. Galaxy Interactive is channeling investments into the convergence of content, technology, and social commerce, with a focus on video games and underlying infrastructure.[4]

Digital Infrastructure[edit]

Galaxy technology sets the groundwork for a unified model where finance and technology function seamlessly together. Galaxy not only mines bitcoin but also provides hosting and financing solutions for miners. Our deep technical knowledge allows us to produce top-tier products. GK8 Custody is a high-caliber custody platform that lets financial entities generate new revenue from their digital assets while ensuring complete protection against cyber threats. Galaxy acts as a considerate ally to protocols, founders, dApps, developers, and service providers, aiding in the transition of the world onto the blockchain.[5]

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