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BioLargo, Inc. (OTC: BLGO) was incorporated in the state of Delaware and has corporate offices in Westminster, California. The company’s stock trades on the over-the-counter (OTC) markets under the ticker symbol BLGO. It also has a research facility at the University of Alberta in Canada. [1]


It has various wholly-owned subsidiaries that perform specialized activities. For example, its subsidiary BioLargo Life Technologies, Inc. is responsible for holding the intellectual property of the parent company; ONM Environmental, Inc. manufactures, sells, and distributes odor control products; and BioLargo Water, Inc. conducts research & development and commercialization of Advanced Oxidation System (AOS) in Canada.

The company also has an 89% stake in its engineering services firm, BioLargo Engineering Science & Technologies LLC. Additionally, the company’s partly-owned subsidiary, Clyra Medical Technologies, Inc. develops and markets medical products.

Business Model[edit]

BioLargo, Inc. develops and sells technological solutions like water treatment systems, industrial odor and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), air quality control systems, and consumer products to resolve various environmental problems[2]. Due to the company’s extensive and ambitious R&D efforts, it has developed a sizable portfolio of 21 issued patents, multiple pending patents, with plenty of upcoming products in the pipeline. Out of those 21 patents, 19 are issued in the United States while the remaining two are issued in Canada.

The company generates revenue by

  1. Selling its innovative technologies to customers
  2. Entering into long-term service contracts
  3. Licensing its technology to third parties
  4. Forming strategic partnerships and joint ventures with other firms
  5. Selling intellectual properties

It divides its revenues into the following business segments:

  1. ONM Environmental
  2. BLEST
  3. Clyra Medical
  4. BioLargo Water
  5. BioLargo Corporate

Key Revenue-generating Projects[edit]

Improvement of PFAS Removal System[edit]

The project aims to further improve its existing water treatment PFAS removal system with its advanced version, the AEC (Aqueous Electrostatic Concentrator) system. The system removes harmful per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) from water at a significantly lower cost than other commonly-used methods[3].

Minimal Liquid Discharge Wastewater Treatment System[edit]

The company’s engineering services division, BLEST, is developing the wastewater system in collaboration with an industrial water treatment company Garratt-Callahan. The system is based on Garratt-Callahan exclusive and intellectual technology, a cost-effective method of treating wastewater that also reduces industrial wastewater discharge.

Pet Odor Control Product[edit]

The company has licensed a pet odor removal and a laundry additive product to its partners, Ikigai Marketing Works, LLC. The venture was formed to build a new and disruptive pet odor control brand to be sold at big retailers, such as Walmart and Target[4].

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