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ParkerVision, Inc (OTC: PRKR) is headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, and it was founded in 1989. It's a technology company specializing in radio frequency (RF) technologies. With a background in RF technology, the company designs and develops wireless solutions for current and future communications networks. These solutions focus on the wireless transfer of RF waveforms that are designed to provide high levels of RF performance with low power consumption, making them suitable for a wide range of wirelessly connected devices.[1]


ParkerVision, Inc specializes in designing and developing radio frequency technologies and integrated circuits. The company licenses these technologies to other companies for wireless communication products. In addition to developing its products, ParkerVision is also focused on patent enforcement and licensing efforts. As a result of these efforts, the company has entered into licensing agreements with Buffalo, Inc. and Zyxel Communications Corporation.[2]

The RF technologies developed by ParkerVision to enable the transmission and reception of RF carriers at low power, resulting in extended battery life and particular size, cost, performance, and packaging advantages. The company is currently involved in patent enforcement actions in various United States district courts against providers of mobile phones, smart TVs, and other WiFi products, as well as their chip suppliers, for alleged infringement of its RF patents.[2]

The company has made significant contributions to the field of radio frequency (RF) technology. In the late 1990s, the company developed a patented technology called Energy Transfer Sampling, also known as "Direct to Data" or D2D. This innovation led to new RF downconverters, which are used to process RF carrier signals and extract the data they carry. Prior to the development of D2D, RF receivers had been built using technology that had been in use for nearly 100 years, and mobile phones had used similar technology for decades.[3]

D2D technology allows RF receivers to be built using low-cost computer chips that use little power, operate over a wide range of radio frequencies, and handle high data rates for streaming video. In addition to D2D, ParkerVision, Inc. also developed Pulse Shaping Upconversion, a complementary RF transmitter technology.[3]

ParkerVision pioneered direct-conversion RF receivers using energy-sampling technologies.

In the past, super-heterodyne technology was commonly used in handset receivers, but it had limitations regarding low-power CMOS applications and highly integrated, deep submicron CMOS transceivers and SoCs. ParkerVision overcame these limitations by developing a new approach to RF signal processing using RF energy sampling technologies.[4]

Specifically, the company was the first to develop a practical, matched-filter correlator for frequency down-conversion. This innovation represented a significant shift in how RF signals are processed and has helped make low-power CMOS applications more useful and widely available.[4]

Legal Action[edit]

MediaTek and Realtek Patent Infringement[edit]

ParkerVision, Inc. filed complaints in the Western District of Texas against Taiwanese semiconductor companies MediaTek Inc. and Realtek Semiconductor Corp. for alleged infringement of four of its U.S. patents. The complaints sought to determine financial damages for the alleged unauthorized use of ParkerVision's patented wireless technologies in semiconductor chips used in smartphones, WiFi, and Bluetooth devices.[5] The court held hearings for claims against both companies in January, 2024. The court found in favor of ParkerVision on both claims.[6]

License Agreement with Hisense[edit]

ParkerVision, Inc., resolved its patent infringement litigation against Chinese company Hisense International Co., Ltd. on confidential terms that include a license covering certain patents. As part of the agreement, ParkerVision will file a motion to dismiss its patent infringement proceedings against Hisense in Texas. Hisense will withdraw from pending IPR proceedings against ParkerVision.[7]

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