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OTC Symbol: INRLF | OTC Tier: Pink Limited

Valneva (OTC: INRLF) focuses on the research and commercialization of prophylactic vaccinations for unmet medical needs in infectious illnesses. They have developed vaccinations for Lyme disease, COVID-19, and Chikungunya. Valneva also sells two commercial travel vaccines.

The company provides the most convenient approach to participating in clinical trials that assess treatment safety and effectiveness for patients. In the future, Valneva is planning to collaborate with world-class medical specialists.[1]

The Business Model Of Valneva[edit]

The company employs its proven and verified product development skills to quickly advance its results of clinical products through authorization and marketing.

Products Of Valneva[edit]

The company has developed vaccines for Japanese encephalitis and cholera. They established a commercial company with two travel vaccinations on the market- IXIARO®, and DUKORAL®, that protect tourists.[2]

Research And Development Of Valneva[edit]

The company is advancing its late-stage pathway and remains focused on investing in its research and development pipeline to explore additional targets and indications before the stage.

The Pipelines Of R&D[3][edit]

Zika – VLA1601[edit]

The mosquito-borne disease is linked with congenital disabilities in tropical Africa, Southeast Asia, the Pacific Islands, and the Americas. The company's Zika vaccine VLA1601 utilizes the same manufacturing platform as its Japanese encephalitis vaccine.

Lyme Disease – VLA15[edit]

The most common vector-borne illness in the Northern Hemisphere is Lyme disease. The FDA has given Fast Track Designation to Valneva's vaccine candidate VLA15, a multivalent vaccine that targets outer surface protein A (OspA) of Borrelia.

Chikungunya – VLA1553[edit]

Chikungunya is a mosquito-borne virus spread by Aedes mosquitoes in the Americas and Europe caused by the virus (CHIKV). VLA1553, Valneva's monovalent, single-dose vaccine, was granted Fast Track Designation by the FDA.

COVID-19 – VLA2001[edit]

The company has developed VLA2001, the only whole virus vaccine tested in Europe in clinical trials against COVID-19.

Clostridium Difficile – VLA84[edit]

Clostridium is a bacterium causing diarrhea and leading to severe intestinal conditions. Valneva's prophylactic vaccine against CVLA84 is a preventive for infection, has completed Phase 2 development, and is now ready for Phase 3.[3]           

Marketing Distribution[edit]

Valneva focused on commercial capability for the distribution of its travel vaccines. They work to improve performance and efficiency, including digital technology and communication with passengers, specialists, and other health practitioners.

The company uses its commercial organization to distribute third-party items to attract products to use its commercial infrastructure. Valneva commercializes two distinct flu vaccines in Austria through a partnership with Seqirus. Throughout 2020, Valneva and Bavarian Nordic teamed up to promote and distribute their Rabipur® and Encepur® brands in Austria, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Canada.[4]

Manufacturing Service[edit]

The company expands its manufacturing network by forming relationships with numerous contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs). Technical development, clinical immunology, sample testing services, preclinical proof of concept (PoC), immunogenicity and safety evaluations are among its manufacturing strategies at its Livingston, Solna, and Vienna locations.[5]

Financial Results[edit]

The company affirms that its total 2022 revenues will remain within the range of €430 million to €590 million. Considerable uncertainty around product delivery dates, the allocation of overall revenue by income type may fluctuate from the February 2022 data.[6]

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