TEKI - Tek Digitel Corp

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Tek Digitel Corp. develops equipment that converts analog voice data to a digital format suitable for network transmission using standard Internet Protocols (IP). Its equipment, known as gateway, consists of proprietary computer hardware and software that connects a standard telephone to the Internet or other digital network. The company's Voice over IP (VoIP) technology allows users to transmit all of their voice and fax communications using the Internet, instead of the conventional telephone network. Tek Digitel Corp. focuses on developing customer premise equipment located at the home or office. It targets its products to telecommunications companies that base their telecommunications structure on the Internet by offering Internet connectivity and VoIP as their primary solutions. The company's VoIP gateway devices and V-Server® product line offers services, including local and long-distance voice connectivity; voice features, such as voice mail, unified messaging, and fax transmission, as well as basic Internet data access for multiple users at a single site. The V-Server products are designed for use with a variety of Internet access services, including Integrated Services Digital Networks, Wireless telephones, Digital Subscriber Loops, and Cable modem delivery. The company has also developed personal computer client and server-based provision/management tools to allow the gateway devices to be configured and managed to support the interconnection of users across public Internet or private corporate intranets. The company was formerly known as ATC Group L.L.C. and changed its name to Tek Digitel Corp. in July, 1998. The company is based in Germantown, Maryland.