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We are a financial technology company which is focused on providing software and technology solutions for the worldwide retail foreign exchange trading industry.

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We are a financial technology company which is focused on providing software and technology solutions for the worldwide retail foreign exchange trading industry.

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Nukkleus Inc., (OTC: NUKK) based in Jersey City, NJ, is a financial technology sector company that focuses on providing technological and software solutions to the worldwide retail foreign exchange trading market.[1]


General and Financial are the two primary lines of business that make up Nukkleus, Inc. Under a general services agreement, the general support services business offers a linked party a collection of hardware, software, technology, customer sales and marketing, and risk management solutions. The financial services business offers services to make it easier for people to convert fiat money into cryptocurrency and vice versa. One of the services offered by Nukkleus is turnkey risk management. Other services include back-office system administration, Chinese and Middle Eastern customer desk support, liquidity access for the currency market, and bridge software to meta trader platforms.[2]


Using adjustable leverage and worldwide liquidity, Nukkleus Tech is an innovative trading technology platform for dealing and risk control. Clients are in charge of their trading quotes and liquidity plans. Built for traders on-the-go, XW Trader is a fully configurable While Label trading platform.


Constant off-chain settlement of computerized resources is presented by Digiclear alongside concurrent conveyance versus installment (DVP) netting. By doing this, it will be feasible to settle exchanges without utilizing the blockchain except if totally fundamental.

Through a utility stage and the steady utilization of Equipment Security Modules (HSM), Digiclear makes computerized resources accessible to institutional financial backers. Resources are moved securely in milliseconds and with complete computerization and observing. The most extreme measure of resources that can be put away in any record is confined by Digiclear care strategies.

Digital RFQ[edit]

DRFQ is Europe's driving computerized resource execution administration furnishing worldwide partners with interesting admittance to worldwide liquidity and a set-up of institutional items and administrations.

Cross line installment and exchanges for ground breaking institutional financial backers. Offering blockchain-empowered monetary administrations arrangements that are secure, consistent, and internationally open. Offering crypto empowered installments and moves as well as computerized resource exchanging promotion business. Overseen through one basic stage, DRFQ gives quicker, less expensive and cleaner worldwide exchange of level, cryptographic forms of money or advanced resources.

Jacobi Asset Management[edit]

The board are the guarantor of Europe's originally controlled and supported Bitcoin Spot ETF. The Jacobi Bitcoin Trade Exchanged Asset is the just completely supported and controlled Bitcoin ETF sent off with level 1 firms. As an unassuming ETF, it offers the least complex and most secure spot for institutional, proficient and modern financial backers to get to Bitcoin.

Computerized Resource and digital currency can now turn into a piece of different venture portfolios through a completely safe value like item. Eliminating the bother of obtaining getting and putting away Bitcoin.

Recent Events[edit]

Nukkleus rebrands for blockchain, Computerized Installments - Nukkleus, which deals with getting and scaling high-potential blockchain, computerized and multi-resource organizations for retail and institutional business sectors, has appeared its new site and brand, which will put the association's auxiliary brands under similar set-up of resources.[3]


Key leaders:[4]

Emil Assentato President

  • 30 years of Money Road administration in Institutional Deals and Senior Administration.
  • Previous CEO of Custom North America

Jamie Khurshid, Chief Operating Officer

  • An accomplished speculation financier and Fintech leader
  • At Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse and Illustrious Bank of Scotland, helped to establish HIS Markit Boat and London Stock Trade Turquoise MTF.

Shawn Dilkes, Chief Technology Officer

  • Over 20 years of experience with planning, carrying out and overseeing a-list, undertaking level innovation frameworks for associations in the monetary innovation and online business ventures.

Geneva Loader, Chief Marketing Officer

  • Oversees interval advertising drives for Nukkleus and is CMO of Jacobi Asset Management.
  • Ten years of advertising experience, having turned out broadly for global in B2B, client items, retail, money and innovation. She has encouraged worldwide Associations to foster computerized advertising systems, showcasing innovation guides and advanced change projects.

Tony Porcheron, Chief Financial Officer

  • Twenty years of experience with Business with financial management supporting private to public organizations, coordinating broad M&A methodologies.[5]

Legal Issues

The BT Prime Case was brought by BT Prime against Boston Innovations Controlled by Forexware LLC f/k/a Forexware LLC ("Forexware"), Cash Mountain Property LLC, Money Mountain Possessions Restricted f/k/a Forexware Malta Property Ltd., FXDirectDealer, LLC, FXDD Malta Ltd., Nukkleus, Nukkleus Bermuda Restricted and Money Mountain Possessions Bermuda, Ltd. BT Prime looked for, among other help, an assurance that the respondents were at risk for each of the obligations of BT Prime coming from its liquidation procedures, and tried to recuperate specific sums moved to Forexware and FXDD Malta before the commencement of the insolvency case. In the sole case declared against Nukkleus, BT Prime claimed that Nukkleus obtained specific innovation resources from Forexware and is a continuation of the matter of Forexware and a replacement in-interest to Forexware. In light of this hypothesis BT Prime affirmed that Nukkleus ought to be mutually and severally at risk for any obligation inferable from Forexware or different litigants, should the court ultimately track down any such responsibility. In spite of the fact that Nukkleus procured licenses from Forexware, Forexware kept up with different resources and kept on working a different business, which Nukkleus accepts is the business that is relevant to BT Prime's claims. Nukkleus has given a restricted assurance of the commitments under a settlement understanding among BT Prime and the litigants other than Nukkleus, restricted to a sum equivalent to $2,050,000, which assurance is likely to deliver following installment by the respondents other than Nukkleus of their commitments under the settlement arrangement. Nukkleus the executives accepts that the term of the restricted assurance will lapse with practically no installment commitment or other expense for Nukkleus.[6]

Environmental, Social and Governance

Nukkleus has made a commitment to driving economical ESG activity that likewise convey progressing productivity by is uniting the idea chiefs from the crypto scene to back blockchain projects that will uphold completely democratized installment frameworks, enabling networks and diminishing the computerized partition.[7]

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Tue, 00:00 April 5, 2022 | Wisdom Tree
The brand refresh reflects Nukkleus’s latest offerings and its ambition to bring together best-in-class solutions, building on its extensive background in forex software. This latest announcement underpins the firm’s planned transition into innovative new territories in blockchain payments and digital assets.

Wed, 00:00 February 23, 2022 | Wisdom Tree
Nukkleus, Inc. (OTC: NUKK) announced the signing of a merger agreement for a proposed business combination with Brilliant Acquisition Corp (Nasdaq: BRLI), a publicly-traded special purpose acquisition company formed in the British Virgin Islands. The transaction values the Company at an enterprise value of approximately $140 million.

Thu, 00:00 October 21, 2021 | Wisdom Tree
Crypto payments specialist Nukkleus Inc (OTC: NUKK), formally acquires a 5% interest (for an eight figure sum) in Jacobi Asset Management Limited (Jacobi), a company focused on digital asset management that has received regulatory approval to launch the world’s first tier one Bitcoin ETF.

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NUKK Stock

As of 11/16/2022 there were 367,175,886 shares of NUKK stock outstanding.

As of 10/31/2022 short interest was 4,708 shares, which represents 1 day to cover.

Symbol change from NUKKE to NUKK on 1/25/2016.

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