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Max Sound Corporation focuses on developing and launching audio technology software. It sells and license products and services based on its MAX-D HD Audio Technology. The company licenses its MAX-D Mobile Voice that provides clean and intelligible voice call over a standard mobile line without increasing file size and eliminates the need for special codecs. Its products are used in consumer electronics, motion picture, broadcasting, video game, recording, mobile phone, internet, and VOIP applications. Additionally, the company has joint venture licensing agreements with Formula 4 Protocol; Tip Solutions, Inc; and Hende Moto. The company was formerly known as So Act Network, Inc. and changed its name to Max Sound Corporation in March 2011. Max Sound Corporation was incorporated in 2005 and is based in San Diego, California.

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Wisdom Tree | Posted on Apr 15, 2022 at 12:36 am | Bear

I have been following this company for many years. It seems they are always coming up with get rich quick schemes. Perhaps the original technology had merit, but the fact they could not sell it 10 years ago indicates that maybe it has no value. In any event, the lawsuits and now in ground assets plan just highlight how ridiculous they are. Don't get sucked in. Read past press releases and see if any of their plans ever came to fruition. You will find that they have not.


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