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Helium One holds 4,512km2 of exploration licences in highly prospective helium provinces in Tanzania. The Company holds 100% of these licences and has exclusive rights to develop the assets. There are three distinct project areas within the Company's portfolio in Tanzania: the Rukwa, Eyasi and Balangida Projects. These all contain known helium occurrences and demonstrate ideal geological conditions for large, potentially commercial, levels of subterranean gas accumulation. The Helium One team will leverage their combined technical, industrial, and corporate experience to advance these assets towards production, capitalising on the current highly compelling global helium market fundamentals.

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Helium One Global, the Tanzanian explorer, holds prospecting licences totalling more than 2,964km2 across three distinct project areas, with the potential to become a strategic player in resolving a supply-constrained helium market. The Rukwa, Balangida, and Eyasi projects are located within rift basins on the margin of the Tanzanian Craton in the north and southwest of the country. The assets lie near surface seeps with helium concentrations ranging up to 10.6% He by volume. All Helium One's licences are held on a 100% equity basis and are in close proximity to the required infrastructure. The Company's flagship Rukwa Project is located within the Rukwa Rift Basin covering 1,900km2 in south-west Tanzania. The project is considered to be an advanced exploration project with leads and prospects defined by a subsurface database including multispectral satellite spectroscopy, airborne gravity gradiometry, 2D seismic data, and QEMSCAN analysis. The Rukwa Project has been de-risked by the 2021 drilling campaign, which identified reservoir and seal with multiple prospective intervals from basin to near surface within a working helium system.

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  • Helium One - High Expectations - August 9, 2022: Helium One has focused its' initial effort on the Rukwa project, and based on high-grade surface seeps, seismic data, and a well drilled last year, a working helium system has been confirmed.
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HLOGF Stock - Helium One Global
HLOGF Stock - Helium One Global

Company Details[edit]

Helium One Global Ltd (OTC: HLOGF, LON: HE1) is a United Kingdom mineral exploration company. The firm primarily engages in the exploration, development, and production of helium gas resources. It serves numerous institutions in the aerospace, medical, and technology sectors. Helium One holds 100 % interest in approximately 18 prospecting licenses of exploration in prospective helium provinces in Tanzania. Its geographical segments include the British Virgin Islands and Tanzania. The company currently focuses on three project areas within its portfolio in Tanzania: the Balangida, Eyasi, and Rukwa Projects. Helium One was incorporated in September 2015 and is based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Its shares are publicly traded on OTCQB under the HLOGF ticker symbol.[1]


The company is focused on international helium resource exploration to become an ultimate producer of high-grade helium for the global market. The company is currently rooted exploration and production of the valuable product in Tanzania, one of Africa’s top natural raw material holders. Its prospecting licenses cover approximately 4,512km2 of land constituting the Rukwa, Balangida, and Eyasi projects. The company renewed its licenses, valid for three years in 2020, and has a further 2-year renewal option. The firm, being the first mover in East Africa, has the opportunity to control a globally significant Helium-bearing region. Helium One is, so far the only listed firm in the UK that enables investors to actively participate in the helium market.[2]

The Product and Market[edit]

Helium has an exclusive combination of physical and chemical features that make it a high-value, non-renewable commodity essential for numerous high-value and high-tech applications. Helium is used in Pressurizing and Purging, Welding, Controlled Atmosphere, and Leak Detection, among other uses. The gas can be used to treat respiratory diseases such as asthma and emphysema. Its extraction process is almost similar to natural gas drilling, hence heavily borrowing knowledge and technology from the oil and gas sector. Liquid helium transported requires no pipelines as it can conveniently be transported via ISO containers mounted onto trucks.[3]

Due to its countless uses and requirements for endless technologies in the current developing world, helium’s demand keeps surging year in and year out. Its global demand is quantified to be around 6 billion cubic feet (Bcf) per annum, with a 3% CAGR. Today’s bulk liquid helium global market’s worth is estimated at around USD2.7 billion, with the unit price (USD per thousand cubic feet) rising by over 135% in the past two years. The helium gas segment is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of 4.1% between 2022 and 2031.[4]


The company has discovered 21 prospects and 4 leads in the Rukwa Rift Basin and has its eyes on a 2U/P50 Un-risked Prospective Resource of 138.0 billion standard cubic feet (Bscf) (100% equity) (SRK Consulting report 2019). The Rukwa project is situated in southwestern Tanzania, covering approximately 3,590 km2. It is considered the world’s largest primary helium resource, hosting independently verified (SRK-2019) Best-Estimate Unrisked Prospective Recoverable Helium Resource (2U/P50) of 138Bcf. Up to 10.2%, helium concentrations have been identified in its surface seeps, representing incredible high grade. Rukwa project is regarded as an advanced exploration project hence the company has rolled out a fast-track exploration schedule to propel it to Feasibility Stage and on to the development phase.

Eyasi and Balangida, are located in north central Tanzania and contain exceptional helium gas concentration at the surface, and ideal geology for source, reservoir, trap, and seal. The two are deemed early-stage exploration projects but the company has heavily invested in operations to deliver them to the next level.[5]

News and Updates[edit]

David Minchin, Helium CEO, disclosed in Early August that the audit of the company’s proposed drilling rig was 80% complete and that the results strongly indicated that it will be suitable to commence the phase-two program at the Rukwa project. He also confirmed that an unnamed integrated tier-one oil and gas service company had been contracted. The company stated that work was underway to mobilize vital equipment and determine a suitable start date for the drilling process. Mr. Minchin added that acquiring a suitable rig and well evaluation equipment for the East African market had been a little challenging as a result of the increased demand for such equipment from oil and gas companies in the region. The audit by experts at ADC Energy at its yard in Kenya found no significant failures in Helium’s management systems that the firm initially feared could hinder its successful use in future drilling programs.[6] The company was not able to move the rig out of the country where it is located, therefore, it cannot be used for Helium One's drilling program.

A letter of intent was signed for a rig owned by Exalo, however, the current operator will pay retention costs and continue to use it. Helium One is assessing other options. [7]


Board of Directors[8][edit]

David Minchin, Chief Executive Officer

  • More than 15 years of experience in mineral exploration and production. Paramount expertise in corporate finance
  • Previously an Executive Director of ScandiVanadium Ltd, a multi-commodity exploration company projects in Australia and Europe, and Director of Geology for AMED Funds focussing on projects in Africa
  • Also worked in various geology roles for Rio Tinto, the British Geological Survey, and Cleveland Potash Limited/ICL-Boulby
  • Holds a Master’s degree in Geology from the University of Southampton

Russel Swarts, Financial Director

  • Qualified as a Chartered Accountant
  • Extensive financial and corporate experience
  • Oversaw senior financial roles with Dorbyl, Barlow’s, and Premier Group and was also CEO of Radiospoor Group, having initially joined in a financial role
  • Was CEO of London Listed URU Metals for five years

Sarah Cope, Non-Executive Director

  • Over 20 years of experience as an investment banker in London, advising small and mid-sized companies on corporate governance, strategy, amalgamations and disposals, capital markets, and regulatory compliance
  • Has predominantly advised AIM-listed companies in the Oil and Gas sector as both Nominated Advisor and Broker, assisting publicly traded companies to raise finance for their exploration, development, and production projects around the world
  • Previously co-led and successfully developed the oil and gas franchise at Cantor Fitzgerald
  • Also held similar roles prior to that at RFC Ambrian, finnCap, and RBC Capital Markets

Helium One ESG and Sustainability[9][edit]

The company is determined to carry out its business operations in a manner that benefits and protects surrounding communities and environments, as well as its employees, contractors, and shareholders.

Environment. The company can produce carbon-neutral helium. It focuses on primary helium associated with the Nitrogen carrier gas, a carbon-neutral method for producing a high-quality resource that does not rely upon hydrocarbons. The ‘Best Estimate’ Un-risked Prospective Resource of 138 Bcf (2U/P50) for the Company’s Rukwa Project can significantly resolve helium supply/demand issues and provide a sustainable resource with minimal impact on the environment over the next century.

Social. Helium One works hand-in-hand with the local communities through dialogue to ensure long-term opportunity and quality development in the associated regions. The company sources labor from the local communities.

Governance. The company constantly enforces its mission to ensure it delivers the highest operational standards across its activities.

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As of 1/15/2023 there were 820,279,002 shares of HLOGF stock outstanding.

As of 12/30/2022 short interest was 100,708 shares, which represents 2 days to cover.

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