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OTC Market: OTCQB  | Related ticker symbols: CSX: CODE

Cypher Metaverse Inc. (Cypher, CODE, or the Company) seeks early-stage investments in emerging technology sectors, including the blockchain ecosystem, fintech and the metaverse. The Company identifies such opportunities and applies its relationships and capital to advance its interests.

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Tue, 20:45 March 22, 2022 | OTC Markets Group - News, Filings & Corporate Actions
Category: CODEBASE VENTURES INC. | Tier: OTCQB | Source: ACSW |

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As of 11/22/2022 there were 146,979,060 shares of BKLLF stock outstanding.

As of 10/31/2022 short interest was 58,227 shares, which represents 1 day to cover.

Symbol change from BKLLD to BKLLF on 7/23/2020.

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