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Automatic Bank Services Limited operates payment systems international debit cards in Israel. It serves as an infrastructure for credit card clearing; works with various credit companies as clearers and issuers; works with distributors and manufacturers; provides service to businesses; and activates the certificate switch on the ATM devices. The company is based in Holon, Israel.
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Automatic Bank Services Ltd (OTC: ABANF, TLV: SHVA) strives to be a financial markets leader in Israel.[1]


  • National infrastructure hub for credit card clearing
  • Distributors and manufacturers
  • Clearers and issuers for all credit card companies
  • Business services to distributors and manufacturers
  • ATM device certificate switch management


Some of the stakeholders in the company include:

  • MasterCard
  • Leumi Bank inc
  • Israel Discount Bank Ltd.
  • Visa International Service Association
  • The First International Bank of Israel Ltd.
  • Harel Insurance and Finance Ltd.
  • Bank Poalim Israel Ltd.
ABANF Stock - Automatic Bank Services Ltd
ABANF Stock - Automatic Bank Services Ltd


For the year ending 12/31/2020 the company reported total revenue of $85,203,000 and net income of $27,120,000.[4]


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Q: How can I contact investor relations?

A: Shir Stopper (Gelbert Kahana Company) shir@gk-biz.com


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